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Festival of War and Remembrance 29th of June to 4th of July

Metal Bunny

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Since I won...

Of the offered rewards:
1 (won final);
1 wpcode, aged angien, 3 picks from the creature pool and choice between WP or tainted and trophy (if Mur gives one)

I choose WP reward and 3 imps (if there's a tainted spare, give it to the first :D I will see to gift someone with it, tho.)

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[quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1309622908' post='86975']
Glor, Morrel, Innocence, Fyrd, Blackthorn, Indyra, Handy Pockets, Ivorak, Laphers, BFH, Rumi, Curiose, Malaikat Mut, Princ Rhaegar, Eon, Fenrir Greycloth, Mcvitie, Mya Celestia, Windy, Sagewoman, Tengri, are the ones being judged.

The next were rejected: Laphers, Rumi, Malaikat Mut, Fenrir Greycloth, Mcvitie.

The following I am highly doubting and require more arguments to be listed as Legendary: Morrel, Blackthorn, Ivorak, BFH, Princ Rhaegar, Eon, Curiose, Tengri

The following I have the highest difficulty of judging and at the moment of me writing it, it may as well be a coinflip (and because a coinflip is arbitrary, my auto-judgment is no), so please strengthen or weaken the cases for: Innocence, Fyrd, Mya Celestia.

The following have (tentatively) been accepted, unless serious cases are made against them: Indyra, Handy Pockets, Windy, Sagewoman. (h-uh, all women).

I can't find Glor's name on the list of the "current status" of the nominees. Is he already accepted?

I would also like to argue a case for Morrel and Blackthorn in accordance to what Chewett has mentioned about them.
[quote]Personally i would consider a legend in which you could point to some facet of the game and go "That guy did really well with helping with X, or doing Y"[/quote]
I think both did very well in helping with the avatars, of which quite a few of the avatar available in the game were drawn by them (though I do not know exactly how many), and in my opinion constitutes a lot of the better quality ones. Outside arts, Blackthorn had a central role in Loreroot and Morrel was one of the major fighter that determined the outcome of the finale battle of the Shade War (IIRC, he was the only one among the fighters whose name was mentioned by Khal as the ones who destroyed his army).

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I have the WP codes. I still need to bug Mur again for the creatures.

It is up to Bun Buns on if we send you guys the codes, or the WP directly. Mur stated previously that it was up to him. So, if you could respond As soon as possible, Bun Buns, it would be appreciated.

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1310723744' post='87971']
I choose WP reward and 3 imps (if there's a tainted spare, give it to the first :D I will see to gift someone with it, tho.)
Congratulations again :-) You made the right choice *winks*

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I am alive, was in China for 4 days, am now in a debating tournament in Rotterdam as preparation for the European University Debating Championships in Ireland, so I am excruciatingly busy.

More free time will arrive on this upcoming Saturday, which is probably when I will finally fully reply to Chewwy and it is probably the day when I will give out as much of the rewards as I can.

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Eon is still relatively new and Eden did get some powers (Role and rpc remember?), but the new part didn't really count so much with me, it was mostly that Eon was quite persistent into not wanting to being named legendary, which made me discount the new part more. In a sense, it seems to be clear to me that if Eon keeps going like this, then next year shall be a different call.

Curi.. yosh, same-ish as eon and what you said.
So uh.. yeah same with BFH? lol..
Correct again, their qualities are very hard to quantify.
Tengri doesn't count that much as he was more of an alt and all the rest what you said.
Rhaegar, well, in my opinion a quest that many others have done in the name of newbies, along with the savelites (which was abandoned) and the rebellion (which failed), I have to stay by my negative judgement.

As for Granos, well, I sorta know of what he did, sorta.. lol

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This is the reply i have waited every waking minute for? lol :P

As for granos, he is always an intresting one, as you said, "you sorta know what he did sorta" is very much like Curi, BFH and so many others you have removed. It is hard to quantify what they did, since its not exatly definitive.

Granos may have/had his hand in a good deal many pies, But we dont actually see him doing things, which he likes, And we can never really go "this war was actually started by granos" Because in the end we are only really going to know if he says so, which he wont.

And you didnt comment on Fenrir being excluded immediately.

As for Eden and Eon. I disagree with what you have said.

Eden, has been overhyped like many of the "oldies". He gained powers similar to what others had in the day, Eon on the other hand has been granted Complete control over all BHC, he can run it how he likes, charge what he likes, and his role is totally unique, no one has ever done it before. Compared with eden who was, not to be too offensive to EX RPC's, just a rpc, someone who Mur decided had a decent enough role, and was given power.

Eon is a good fighter, one of the the best we have ever seen. Combat gets harder each time new features and effects are added. It shows that in the "old" days the strongest rits were a load of grasans, or one grasan. And it wasnt too hard to relise why. Nowadays we have so many effects and tokens there are actually ways to beat certain rits. Before it was more just a matter of whose attack was better.

Combat is getting harder, and the people to become the "best" are getting smarter. Its what i like about MD. Grinding is mattering less, as you have some magical creatures and effects. It still does matter, But i can attempt to kill people stronger than me, with some luck (freezes) and some cool effects (magic and such)

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About morrel and blackthorn, they were good players, but they were far too inactive far too quickly in my opinion.

I also agree on Eon being better than Eden in those aspects, however, that doesn't mean that the standards for being good in Eden's days were far lower (as you said, combat gets harder, so the subjective criteria has to be relative when looking to the past) and harder to reach (Wodin held the crown for an excruciatingly long time, making it more of a 'shock' of what Eden did).
But I agree, if it weren't for Eon objecting to being nominated, I think I would have had a harder time deciding.

Also, so far, only rhaegar has chosen to pick creatures from the creature pool.. does that mean that.. no one else wants the creatures?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I did let Neno know....
Jason I have not seen in the last several days
Aeon.... Aeon is often in GG the last I saw him.... Seems like sociable guy and a few MP5s together may make him join the party

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