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WTS Various MK2

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For the record, these creatures all belong to my main account Grido (as opposed to the previous sale thread I had).

Angien [color=#ff0000]3sc = Fyrd Argentus[/color]
Tokens: claw3,goldbelt
Times Transferred: 3
Name: The Third
Age: 327

Pimped Grassan [color=#ff0000]3sc = Fyrd Argentus[/color]
Times Transferred: 6
Name: Pimped Grasan
Age: 685

[s]Pimped Grassan [color=#ff0000]3sc = Jason V[/color][/s]
[s]Tokens: claw1,claw2[/s]
[s]Times Transferred: 6[/s]
[s]Name: Pimped Grasan[/s]
[s]Age: 172[/s]

[s]Rustgold Drachorn [color=#ff0000]5gc 5sc = lone wolf pup[/color][/s]
[s]11 Tokens: claw2,claw1,emeraldglare,enlightning,kellethafire,osirisbelt,firedrop,blooddrop2,blackdiamonds,onyxfangs,stardust[/s]
[s]Times Transferred: 2[/s]
[s]Name: Karamel[/s]
[s]Age: 433[/s]

[s]Sharptear [color=#ff0000]2gc = Junior[/color][/s]
[s]Times Transferred: 1[/s]
[s]Name: Robin Hood[/s]
[s]Age: 268[/s]

[s]Unholy Pope [color=#ff0000]4sc = Xrieg[/color][/s]
[s]Tokens: claw2,blooddrop2,emeraldglare,antifreeze,claw3[/s]
[s]Times Transferred: 0[/s]
[s]Name: Unholy Pope[/s]
[s]Age: 847[/s]

Unholy Pope [color=#ff0000]3sc = Fyrd Argentus[/color]
Tokens: stardust,blacktear,blooddrop1
Times Transferred: 0
Name: Unholy Pope
Age: 805

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