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off to go now

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So, what will it need to get my account deleted. A personal note to Mur on the forum shows no reaction.

LHO suggestion only to try again.

I want to see my ingame account deleted asap, my forum acc as well for sure. I am off with it.

Thanks for understanding

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1308154329' post='86279']
Why do you want your account deleted? Why not just not use it?

Because I want it that way. It is feed with my data and my personal experience, i just want to have it deleted. So, no deletion even it the account user wants it to be done? Fits perfect into the image I have from MD.

Then seal my account or whatever into all eternity.
Delete my forum account.

And STOP asking me If I will give you my stuff for free!

Oh yes, pretty please.

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