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What annoys me in MD

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King of MD, Sharpwind is only trying to say only about the forum part and not the in-game play.
As u can see there r about 20 Positive reps for this post and only 3 have come forward to support Sharp and iam sure non of three used the rep too. He is asking why these 20 players didn't post here isn't of using the rep button only. What keeps them away from making post. Definitely they have something to say here but why/what they r afraid of and such.

@sharpwind Agreed with u but if the forum mods allowed the noobs to post what they want they will start whining about every thing starting from "MP3alts , MD shop, tokens, HC, Quest, MP5 and such". The list will be endless as this is one the toughest game i ever played. That challenge is what keeps me here hehe. when i started playing, i wanted to complain about the premium creatures and how MD shop is upsetting the balance and such but now i have all MD shop creatures without paying a 1$ in MD shop using trading and Voting. So now i realize that even without spending $ u can be as powerful as any supporter but it only takes some time to get there. So it took me almost a year to learn about MD shop and why all items cost only 1$. So thats why the Forum mods are bit strict on Noobs when they post something cos' this game can't be understood within a month or so, It will take a long time (1year for a Dumba55 like me) to understand this game hehe.

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