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Hired Adepts Union (HAU)

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Thank you Burns, you made my day :D

The following text obviously is not towards apophys, but most likely towards Mur.

What if the power to MAX those creatures is taken from the players and given to their protectors? The active ones can easily gather and set requirements, which each one worshiper should fulfill. The protectors can be given the freedom to determine how many of the worshiper's creatures could be upgraded, depending on how the player managed to handle the requierments.

This is just thinking out loud. And note if you think this should go to a separate Topic.

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This particular union is based off of the aspect that adepts are expendable, like employees at a cheap part-time fast food job. The simple fact is that they are not. Adepts, as I stated in my first post, are earned through respect.

What makes this idea a problem to genuine protectors is that the activity scale fluctuates during the week. You could start the week off with 38 adepts and end the week with 31 adepts.

Taking only a few from each protector could essentially remove each protector from mp6 status, especially considering the amount of people in MD who are 'young players' who have what is known as a life outside the game.

The simple fact is that treating the mp6 status like this will destroy a large bit of work that genuine protectors put into becoming mp6, and yes it takes quite a lot of patience to help people on such a massive scale.

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Disclaimer: I will use "you" in the below post but I am not referring to someone - it is a general "you".

As usual you're making a big fuss over nothing. Apophys DID not steal anyone's adepts. He offered a JOB! Yes, it is a job because they will get payed for it. Do you have a problem about that? If yes then you're the selfish one. Don't tell people they have no morals or no respect if they wish to do such a thing! Who died and made you head judge?

It's funny: if someone leaves a protector for another but doesn't get payed for he's not a mean person. But if he is payed he's a criminal! Oh rilly? So what if someone is mp6 for a day? This means you can get back your precious adepts. Remember the time when lots of players (me included) went to mp6 juts because after you dropped the spells remained?

I planned to burn few WPs to max the crits I need to max. I think I will drop my plan and become an mp6 and I will pay people to be my adepts for 1 day. It's a fair job.

Enjoy the game!

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[size="2"][font="Verdana"]never though you can run into something like this in MD... sad... :(

in fact i don't care about that penny - i care about whole idea. TTL also doesn't care much (as i get it) about that coin. neither does apophys (i believe he has better/bigger reasons for this).
now all the blaming i hear comes from TOP players to (sort of) BOTTOM ones. the base of blaming is at least ridiculous and insulting: greed, treachery, penny, stupidity, etc.
the real blaming is: we don't like the current situation. Mur is not touchable, so instead of him lets blame someone who tries to do something and is shaking the ground beneath us...
from such perspective i see the greed at other side...

if you see upcoming threat - find the reason and remove it. or at least try instead of whining and blaming someones who do something.
now you're trying to remove the threat itself which hardly ever works. constructive suggestions from experienced players would be way better then this...

sad... :(

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Jut one day no please at least 3 days

because you lose too much Loyality (game)

The players do what they want if you choose to enter to the Union get the coin and them back to your mentor is your problem

dont need to ask permission

in any case Let me in to this Union :D

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Rats in a maze. Mur changes the gameplay rules, guess what happens? Some players will adjust to the rules and use them to to their own ends. Others will say that the rules aren't meant to be interpreted that way and run the maze the old way. I'm sure that Mur watches gameplay and the forums everytime he makes a significant change to gameplay. I'm sure that the rule changes were to decrease the use/abuse of alts/newbs in gaining mp6 but change sometimes creates it's own oddities.

Having said all that I will say that I am interested in being a part of the oddity :)) I offer my service as an adept to HAU. I am not an adept of anyone who is currently mp6 so my offering will harm no current mp6.

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I find this discussion very interesting.

I was intrigued by the initial annoucement by mur about the MP6 change. It made me think "looks like as if he is willing to add some entropy in the system and see how it evloves". if that was indeed his goal, I am sure he is having lof of fun reading the topic.

To the current MP6: as you all stated, gaining and keeping adepts is very hard. I might be wrong, but I understand that you want to be MP6 in order to be useful to the others (particularly those adepts and worshippers). If your adepts are gone because someone has offered them 1 coin, then I suppose you will question yourself about their real loyalty and if it's worth trying to stay MP6 forever. Unless you want to stay MP6 for other personnal reasons that I ignore (That's maybe a bit offtopic, but it would be intersting for new players to really understand why one want to be and stay MP6 besides the purpose of maxing creatures).

To Apophys: try as you may, there will always be some cases where your project will cost a regular MP6 his MP6 status. That WILL happen, just because of the circumstances or because something went wrong. I am not saying it's a bad thing, but it is a risk that will occur. What you are proposing in term of limitation of Adepts "stealing" will limit the risk, but not nullify it. But then again, I am not saying it's a bad thing.

I like that change because of that discussion we are having now. I find it interesting too to notice that a catalyst was needed for that discussion to start: all hail boss head conest!

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My thoughts, I don't have much time to express them so please excuse me if I make spelling errors.

I have been mp6 for seven months. I have "sacrificed" gaining stats, etc. because I really care of players.
I really like to help people and that's the main purpose for me to remain as mp6. If anyone wants to try
mp6 for HELPING new players, I wouldn't mind, but we are talking of mp6 just to upgrade creatures.

I'm not complaining because I don't want people to upgrade their creatures, but what would happen if
any of the active "real MP6", who really care from players, falls in the process of creating an "fake" mp6?

I'll put myself as an example. Right now my adept count is 34 (I just counted). I have 101 worshipers and
I'm active helping players and guiding them during their MD experience. If I fall I won't have the same tools
that I have now. With those tools (spells) I'm more efficient with helping players and such.

Again, I'm not telling people to not upgrade their creatures, but I think it's better to wait for Mur to finish the
mp6 changes, before trying something that might be risky for all active mp6, including me, and for the
player who are been helped by the currents mp6.

@All my adepts and worshipers- As I told you all when you joined me, I won't force anyone to be my adepts
and/or worshipers, so if you aren't happy with me, you are free to leave me and join this association.


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I have absolutely no qualms of people upgrading their creatures either. But I have the same worries as Amoran, and BFH have expressed.

This is only temporary, anyway, or as Temporary as it gets when it comes to Mur. He does have plans for MP6. What amazes me though, is how people are JUST NOW rushing to get their cheese when before they were all just idling around like fat hogs to gain their stats and upgrade the creatures that they can.

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1304645474' post='83981']
What amazes me though, is how people are JUST NOW rushing to get their cheese when before they were all just idling around like fat hogs to gain their stats and upgrade the creatures that they can.
That surprises you? You don't think Boss Heads would make people want to advance? Or did you think that they would've done it before, for no real reason?

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Give it a couple months, Someone will start having issues keeping up with the adepts, then will drop. Will you be helping them to keep up? or just pay their adepts to join others?


Oh no, too late already, Indyra dropped. So your calculations were a little off... So thats already one killed off.[/b]

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[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1304758778' post='84094']
C'mon, Chewett, it's not like she can't get back up, and adepts have the right to do what they want. I'm tired of hearing people talk about them like property >>

Oh ofc, and i know that people are trying to make sure the mp6's arent dropping, But i dislike the constant assurances that they arnt going to be affected when they really are going to be. Its going to end up with less mp6's or them being dropped everytime someone buys some adepts.

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