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A wizard is waiting... CONTEST

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well...the wizard is not waiting for the sunrise ....or it might be from the picture there, but the question was more deep than that of course. Its also not waiting for the game to begin, i was thinking that this option was to obvios for you to tell but it seems more of you thought of it. Thank you for the creative and funny answers also :P

The answer is


simple answer :P like always

the wizard is the end somehow ... it might be a master of some sort that you will reach at the end , or that master might be you actualy. The wizard is waiting for you to reach him so to speak, to become him. The wizard is you at the end. You , the player, are at the place where the sun should rise (in the picture) and YOUR rising not the suns is what the wizard is waiting for. i hope i didnt get you more confused.

------------ Nice Answers ----------


thw wizard is waiting for the time when the game is ready ready to teach the novices (us) how to fight the evil all around


The wizard is awaiting for a hero to rise (Us players) and beat the rising evil which is revealing itself upon us


maybe he's the god of this game and is looking down on what he has created till nowlooking forward at the long road head of him


hmm... I would say hes waiting for The world to grow he stands on the edge of the world that has been created waiting for the rest to rise up.

the Elder

i do believe the Wizard to be none other than the Creator himself in disguise, looking down over us as our journey's begin


ready for the next one?

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I dont know if someone answered this first but I guess its worth trying

Umm a part of the painting where the wizard is facing is like a sunset or a sunrise but I aam pretty sure its a sunrise coz the part behind the wizard is dark so my concept about this is that the end of hard labor and suffering for the the creator of the game and a new start or a beginning of a new adventure

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wow.. As u can see thats the wizard of time.

he is waiting for the sun to go upp so he can take powers from it and bend the time.

To what purpose?

Thats hes own story and he won't tell it to anyone.

(this may be a bad answear but i couldn't find out a better?

PS. sorry for my bad english

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I think it is pretty clear, that the wizard is waiting for the implementation of magic in the game... it is not much fun being a wizard (i.e. forfetiing armor and weapons - you tried to fight with a splintering staff once?) and not having any spells, so he looks beyond the mountains to find the creator of his world to implement magic for him...

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