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Community Garden Artwork


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Artists can use this thread for posting your garden artwork and the rest of us can use this thread to tell you how much we like it!

Artists who have offered to contribute so far:

Prince Marvolo
Amoran K Kol

For artwork prompts, check the plant list thread and the design thread.

Community Garden Design

Community Garden Plant List

'Nuff said. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

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These images will not work for the contest for reasons I mentioned in the quest page. However, they are such a fine quality I felt I had to post them. If the artist chooses to claim credit for them, I will post their playername below.

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The toolshed, featuring a terraced green roof and three tank rainwater catchment.

Any artist who'd like to attempt a final version of my rough draft is welcome and encouraged to.


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Ok, decided to have a whirl at this too
Mostly cause this game is the reason I had an urge to draw again

Aside from that, here it is. I couldn't figure out where the upload function for the forums where and I couldn't be bothered to javascript my own lightbox. So here we go, oldschool.

[url="http://www.markbiermann.nl/Images/scarecrow.jpg"]full image here[/url]

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