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BFH’s Secret Quest


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825 AD
Patience: check
Organised: I subscribe to Chaotic Neutral
Why choose me: I make mean/nice quests sometimes, if your quest is mean/nice you can 'get back at'/'be nice to' me if I get to play.
Why not choose me: I might win/lose and then the former logic becomes void. Also I have patience but not a huge amount of time. Anything that requires me to be online at specific times is a big nono.

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I'll pick only 3 players from the ones who have applied.
[b][color="#FF0000"]NO MORE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED :D[/color][/b]
The quest will start after the anniversary.
I'll announce who have been picked later.

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Players already Picked.

I picked 4, instead of 3.

They received a message from me.

I'll keep their names as a secret until they finish with it.

Then I'll announce names and rewards.

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