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While exploring the LoE I was chatting with Sephirah Caelum and JadenDew. We ended up talking about the garden. One idea was to use rocks (for butterflies to rest on) and stone (to create a bird bath) from the L0E. A swing was also suggested, (we could possibly use some wood from another land, Loreroot?) I think incorporating the lands into the garden in this small way is a good idea and just wanted to pass it on for your thoughts.

Rumi, I will read all the other links and post I have missed being away, and then work on what my vision of this one idea may be like as you suggested.

Cheers, Ossa

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[quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1304146074' post='83622']
I am not interested in garderning but problems to solve may be interesting, whatever the topic. Please add me to forum access list

For the moment all forums are public. If a forum becomes private, I will add you to the member list.

[quote name='Shiona' timestamp='1304164172' post='83631']
While exploring the LoE I was chatting with Sephirah Caelum and JadenDew. We ended up talking about the garden. One idea was to use rocks (for butterflies to rest on) and stone (to create a bird bath) from the L0E. A swing was also suggested, (we could possibly use some wood from another land, Loreroot?) I think incorporating the lands into the garden in this small way is a good idea and just wanted to pass it on for your thoughts.

I think that including habitat elements is very important. I really like the idea of the swing, which is basically a human habitat element.

I agree that we should incorporate elements from all the lands and hopefully players from all the lands too.

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I would love to participate. I recall you mentioning something of mapping...I am a mapmaker. I can help you there, and I would be interested in the seed-gathering. (It's summer break for me, so I have two months to help you out...a lot, hopefully. I should hope to help you longer than that though :) ) The tools should be fun as well.

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Glad to have you guys on board. At the moment, garden design is the central focus of our work. We will not put the first shovel to the earth until the design is complete.

If you haven't already, there are three threads that you guys should read through so you are familiar with the work we're doing.




The threads are a bit chaotic, but you can get a sense for how the design process works. Please look at the overhead contour map and design map in the design thread, as it has the general areas of the garden planned out. The next major step is taking each of those areas and developing the details.

You can see Brulant's quest winning design for the pond area in the plant list section, and you can see Passant the Weak's design of the grape arbor in the design thread.

At this point, the best thing to do would be to pick an area and start considering the details, including the plants, their ecological relationships, and what sorts of yields we might expect from them.

Also, do not hesitate to recommend new ideas or areas that haven't been developed. This is a community process and is by no means closed to new ideas.

You might also look at the research thread and think about any kind of meaningful research regarding the garden. I also recommend you speak with Azull about this as he has expressed some interest in working the research end.

Finally, if you're an artist, there is an artwork quest right now with a goal of illustrating the pond area that Brulant designed.


That should give you a few ideas to think about, and if you happen to know anything about coding or scripting, speak to me personally, because we will have a BIG scripting challenge in the upcoming months.

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A year ago, during the 6th MD Birthday, I announced my intention to construct a community garden at the Meeting of the Roads. Throughout the year, members of the community have contributed ideas, research, discussion, criticism, items, coins, resources, artwork, poetry, Time, and energy. A wishpoint has been awarded for garden design, and another awaits the winner of the ongoing artwork challenge.

It's clear that the design of this garden must be ongoing. After a year of observation and preparation, I think we are ready to construct a garden.

I see the garden installation beginning with the construction of the toolshed at the top of the hill. The toolshed needs a specific design, including a resource materials list.

We have already had over 500 lumber donated to build the toolshed. I think we still need to consider roofing material, and rainwater catchment. The toolshed should divert rainwater to a tank, which also needs to be constructed. We have over 100 glass that could possibly be used for a rainwater tank, but it's intended purpose is the greenhouse.

Once the toolshed is constructed, we can acquire the necessary tools to implement the next phase of the garden installation.

IMPORTANT - This is a community project. It's success depends entirely on how YOU support and utilize it. I am giving as much Time and energy as possible right now. We need some other project leaders, and now is the time for you to step forward and step up.

Rumi is away from the Meeting of the Roads for the moment. He returns soon, ready to dig.

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This is after the 52 lumber donated by Seighart.

I had in mind perhaps a metal roof and a metal storage tank. I don't know where to come up with that kind of materials. We could potentially make wood roofing shingles and a rain tank built like a wine barrel, using almost entirely lumber resource. I dunno, I think it'd be nice to build a roof and rain tank with copper.

Any ideas?

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While a bit icky if you view it in certain ways, why not imagine Skin and Fat to be Hide/leather, or "tar" (think of the old oilskin jackets worn by sailors). The tank could be supported as a sort of virtual waterskin? Perhaps not as feasible, but I'm merely brainstorming ideas for perhaps the gutters or "shingles". As for the metals, Why not consider Aramor-sacced Fenths? ;)

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Happy Halloween MD!

I've missed you all.

You have never been more than a click away, yet I know better than to visit MD with less than an hour. I have not set aside that hour (or three) in over a month.

As some of you know, I am a gardener in real life, and I have a small ecological garden design business. I do other part-time work and I mostly set my own schedule, allowing time for MagicDuel. The same week the MD Community Garden opened to the community, I started a new part-time job, helping to run a small organic farm whose farm managers had moved away during the middle of the season. It's only a few days of the week, but the hours are long.

Now our growing season is coming to a close and workdays will stay short through the winter. I will probably continue to work with the farm into next year and I suspect the spring will be very busy again.

I have two kids, 3 and 5 years old, and we recently started playing video games together. Most of my gaming the past three months has been with them. I have another child on the way, due in a month, and needless to say that will also put pressure on my available time.

So here we are in November. I promised you results for the scarecrow contest which I have not delivered. I said I would try to update the garden log weekly and I have not since the end of September. Those of you who are working closely with me on the garden project development have been left hanging.

I want to act with integrity and so I will make commitments I can keep. I'm so excited that you have all supported the community garden and now you are using it. Right now is a critical time for this project and I know well enough that we need additional leadership.

The Hindu Vedas give three archetypes: creator, sustainer, destroyer (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). It is said that truly effective leadership is mastery of all three archetypes, yet most people gravitate toward one. I gravitate strongly toward creator archetype and not so much to the others. Gardening has helped me to learn the skills of the sustainer and destroyer, and I think it will be many years more before I come anywhere near to a balance. Creativity is my passion, and the best I have to offer.

Right now our garden needs sustainers. Without sustenance, all things starve and I am afraid my schedule doesn't offer me the regularity required to sustain the garden without help. In addition to assistance with the garden keeper role, we need people who can host regular events, manage ongoing quests, maintain active relationships with land leaders, manage the treasury, and a number of other things that need routine. The crucial skill of the sustainer is nurturing, and we need help to nurture the garden to maturity. This means daily love with a perspective of weeks, months, and years.

Anyone who is interested to take on a garden leadership role is encouraged to send me a PM or post in the Community Garden Leadership thread.


As for the upcoming garden season, (11/1/2012 - 2/1/2013) all plots will remain free of charge. Our treasury is abundant and there is no need for plot fees. All gardeners who have registered for plots will remain registered, unless they specifically request to be removed. Gardeners are requested to continue using the garden log forum, and the community garden status will updated as frequently as possible in the community garden knowledge collection.

The Scarecrow contest will have a winner sometime soon I hope. I have spoken to several people about judging the contest, but I have not actually convened an official panel of judges.

There's more I wanted to say, but I'm tired and I have a long day tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for your patience. Happy gardening!

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