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As the title says, I wish to sell two Santa's(Or trade).

[color="#0000FF"][i][u]Santa 1:[/u][/i]


Tokens: Onyx Fangs, Blood Drop I, Blood Drop II, Stardust, Gold Tear and Black Diamonds = 6

Heat: 16500

ID: 695892[/color]

[color="#00FFFF"][i][u]Santa 2:[/u][/i]

Age: 64

Tokens: Dark Shield, Dark Sky, Blood Drop I, Blood Drop II, Stardust and Black Diamonds = 6

Heat: 15459


[color="#FF0000"]Highest bid wins and bidding will end in one week.[/color]
[color="#FF0000"]NOW SELLING!:[/color]

[color="#800080"]Name: Apparition Archer

Type: BloodPact

Age: 79

Tokens: Claw I, Emerald Glare, Jewel Shards, Fire Drop, Dark Shield, Onyx Fangs, Gold Belt, Sunshine, Blood Drop I, Blood Drop II, Stardust and Black Diamonds = 12

Heat: 420477

ID: 694930

[color="#DDA0DD"]Name: Ghostly Arrow Dancer

Type: Sharptear

Age: 79

Tokens: Black Diamonds, Claw I, Claw II, Emerald Glare, Kelle'tha Fire, Purpur Moon, Purpur Fog, Jewel Shards, Blood Drop I, Onyx Fangs and Stardust = 11

Heat: 212749

ID: 702002

[color="#FF0000"](Bidding will go on longer for BP+SHARPTEAR, Santa bid time stays the SAME!)[/color]

Highest bids:

Child; 35sc[2gc 5sc](Santa 2)

Jason; 30sc[2gc](Santa 1)

Alyon; 30sc [2gc](BloodPact)

Xrieg; 15sc[1gc] (Sharptear)[/size][/color]

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