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I am under investigation?

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From the announcements:

"The following players are under investigation. All their current creatures and items will be checked and several of them will be removed based on the results of this investigation. It is likely that these accounts will be removed without further notification. We advise you not to do any trades or deals in the following days with these players or you might be considered an accomplice. Players investigated: Brankabrastan, Rikimarrru90, [b]Marvolo[/b], XeericbaiOanqes."

What is happening? Did I do something wrong?

I'd be happy with a clarification...

Oh wait... *checks calendar*
I sooo hope this is a April 1st joke

Wolf prankers :(
Or maybe I AM a big bad wolf?

Later Edit:
Well ... Yeah... Rofl...

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I wonder what the cut-off is for that 'abuse scandal". Judging by personal experience and some park chatter, us newer folks are innocent, unlike you corrupt vets under investigation.
(Seems not all got that announcement, myself included)

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Heh... lol... I'm in storymode atm. and I don't log on that often for now, but when I saw the announcement with my name in it I was bit shocked !!
Luckily the mood panel was there to remind me of the date :P:P Nice one, hope no one took it too seriously...

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