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So, as many already know, I have in my posession a couple of morphs. I was planning on keeping both, because I'm curious and a collector in heart. :rolleyes:
But, since people discovered it, there have been many offers for them, even for the pair, and a friend convinced me that, since morphs are really rare creatures, there beeing so little of them in this realm, I shouldn't be so greedy and let go of one of them, so other person have the opportunity to own their own morph.
That beeing said, I am starting an auction for the second morph, the unmorphed one. the auction will end april the [b]6th[/b] at [b]0:00[/b] server time [u]and[/u] [b]48 hours[/b] after I update the latest bid. don't worry, I log in daily to check on it.
Post bids here, on message in and out-game, or any way you find me. inform me if you want it to be anonimous, otherwise it won`t ^_^

[b]Name:[/b] Gift
[b]Age:[/b] 55 as of day 81
[b]Experience:[/b] 0
[b]ID:[/b] 696584

This values are for fresh ones. age, tokens and xp, among other things may increase that value. so beeing specific on what you are bidding may work on your favor ;)
well, not much ground to work on the Sword Shade... but the normal Shade I trust is the right value
Also, any creature I forgot to mention feel free to remember me :P
on the UP, well, I personaly don`t really value them for some reason, altough I see their usefullnes on fights :huh:

okay, on the Santas... Asterdai Sold an aged, heavily tokened and magic ctc one for 4gc. sasha`s went for a little over 3gc, also aged and heavily tokened. everyone`s went for 2gc 10sc, no tokens and little age. for me, 2gc is the market value on Santas :))

and now the Nutcrackers... Peace sold one for 2gc 5sc middle of december, a little before they were released on shop, what drops their value a little bit. not much ground to work on them tough, they are more rarely seen on market then Santas, but they beeing similar in rarity I equaled their values, altough I value a Nutty higher then a Santa.

Oh, another thing. I am valueing everything in coins to make it easier to compare, but I do compare creatures on bid. for example, I would prefer a rusty over two SW, altough their cumulated value is higher, and I would prefer a rusty over a 5gc offer, as creatures have more value then coins for me. ;)

And here is the [b]Highest Bid[/b] as of [date still don`t matter]
[b]Bidder:[/b] Clock Master
-Bloodpact- Age:703; Exp: 3239073; Tokens: [15] [3gc]
-Rustgold-Age: 251; Exp: 10598927; Tokens: [12] [7gc]
-Rustgold-Age:473; Exp: 2813362 [6gc]
-Rustgold-Age:454; Exp: 4343490 [6gc]
-Shade-Age:88; Exp: 421614 [6gc 5sc]
-Chaos Archer-Age:753; Exp: 3097184; Tokens: [12] [2gc]
-60 silver [4gc]
-Plus that angien I`m biding on Ravenstrider thread. Seems that one is from Clock Master. [10sc]
--[[i]35 gc total[/i]]

[size="6"]Clock Master is the winner![/size]

[i]Edit:[/i] did a recheck on the values =]
[i]Edit 2:[/i] added some more creature values
[i]Edit 3:[/i] wow, this post seems to be growing :o
[i]Edit 4:[/i] You may post what you think your bid is worth, no biggy. if I acept it, it is okay. if not, I`ll simply change to what I think it is worth.

[i]Last Edit:[/i] Bids have ended. CM got the Morphy =]

Phear the Wolf

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GG drachorn (age 89) with antifreeze, and 9gc.
Two aged BPs with some exp.
Soulweaver age 82.
UP age 340 with 19 mil xp.

P.S. Auction ending on April the First isn't really promising. :))

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hummm, yeah, totaly forgot to take that into consideration...
I guess it would be okay, I trust it will take a little longer then that, but just to be shure I`ll change the deadline to the 6th =]

doing the price markings Grido =]

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value on UP's?

also, Shem seems to have added 5sc onto the SW value for the age and XP, is this up to us to push that extra value on them, or you?

I'm not trying particularly to get you to change the values (I don't have spare ones to trade) but Santa's and Nutty's tend to go for around 4/5 GC, however this thread is about what YOU value them as rather than the actual value of the creature, just thought I'd point it out to you though. :)

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Currently I'm trying to decide whether or not to bid, because I have enough (5 gold more, and that's in pure coins :P), however, Orvid's begging me not to because then I'll end up making him transfer all the coins XD (Including 200 in pure silver XD) First I'll see if a large package deal I'm negotiating for goes through (around 15 gold worth of creatures :P), then I'll decide whether or not to bid.

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Kyte, bids have started a few days ago, check the first post for the highest bid ^_^

IAB, I updated that on my first post (don`t think people read it much other then the latest bid and the values...), but I DO prefer the crits over coins. I`m valueing it all in coins to make comparison easier, not because it doesn`t matter.

also, oe more thing: Shem`s bid over Raven`s. I couldn`t log in on that day, rl issues, so I asked my brother to check the bids for me. he checked and updated it because of the highest value in coins, but I myself would prefer Raven`s bid, for the GG. SW, Rustys, I have those, but GGs are still a mistery to me, therefore more apealing. there is the gc value, but there is also the "apealingness" to be considered, sometimes even more important. surprise, and you may be surprised as well ;)

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