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Petition for Enforcement of the Sparring Ground

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[quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1300509894' post='80865']
Iam a citizen of MB and i respect the rules posted at MDP. I congrats u Katt as a citizen of MB u did the right thing MDP terriory is within MB terriorty and it the duty of every MB citizens to make sure others follow it.

No, Just No. This thing has existed before citizenship and kings, It was in MB because it is one of the best places to locate it, But MB has nothing to do with it until we choose to. Lifeline was offered a chance to "help it continue" but decided it was best to be neutral, so it did not become "MB's training ground".

As a member of the Marind Bell Council, I am telling you that it is NOT the duty of MB cizitens to protect it, If they wish to that is another matter. Until this changes, i believe the offical position we agreed on last time we spoke about this, Was that its a social event and you can choose to follow it or not.

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Quote: What you are advocating have never resulted in growth in development - it's a pure anarchy _utopia
Hmmm anarchy and utopia together. Just for the sake of replying i would just tell you to read about the spanish revolution, the revolution in krostandt, and the modern day example of the EZLN army.Or at least try and learning about anarchy before claiming to understand it. Though all this is totally irrelevant and if i was you i wouldn't be so fast to judge what somebody does or doesn't know about.

To the point: it is his right to try and form this group and my right to try and oppose him.

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[quote='Curiose']Is it that hard to use your brains and a small ounce of respect?[/quote]

In my country, at least, when you say someone isn't using/isn't capable of using it's brains is pretty much an offense.

[quote='TTL']Hmmm i think you are indeed cry babys with empty threats...[/quote]

And I'm sure that by just being blunt, or direct, you don't need to use this kind of words, both of you. I'm sure that everyone knows that using this kind of worlds you so like to use will only begin a bigger discussion and the thread will never be solved. Why? Because people tend to reply over to these words, and by doing so forget about the thread.

But if in your country is okay to be calling someone every kind of things just because he posted something... well, I would ask for more politeness when talking to other people, at least. I do like respect, that's true. And everybody like it too, even if they don't have the guts to admit it here.

Only one last thing... I'm sure both of you weren't kidding when wrote this posts, so you indeed used some aggressive lines that wasn't needed in your replies at all.

Making my way back on the thread. It is pretty much solved and I think Katt would agree if we were to close this thread, because from here on it will only wide the amount of off topic replies. Can somebody close it?

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Before you even needed to use such a language I already did say that I was sorry, if you don't remember. When a person says that he's sorry you say such words to him in real life? Read my post before yours, at least. Maybe to refresh your mind...

[quote]Well, as I said in the beginning of this post I'm sorry if I turned into what Curiose wrote. But my objective is still to be able to defeat Kz, it would feel like beating a really big secret boss in a game. Can I at least try it with some time? It will be fun, I think.[/quote]

I think you're not reading my posts anymore before replying to them, because this matter was done for a long time and you still used that kind of language with me. I wasn't ignoring them, was I? Read carefully...

@Edit: Actually I was very polite at the matter and even asked a question nicely. I was happily waiting for a reply from Eon because to me the matter was finished... and yet you were rude.

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(@Edit for mistakes)

I'm grateful for finally clearing this misunderstanding, then. I think you finally understood my point.

Hope you didn't feel bad, nor have a bad image of me, for this small kind of problem, because from what I heard of your actions by Fyrd in a quest... it seems a pretty interesting and important role for the game, Curiose.

And... just to ask a question for Tipu, as the thread is still open.

Why don't you turn your group an 'official' one here in the forums? I think it would make it stronger... specially if you could formalize it in an organized topic explaining it and opening the group for auditions in a way that somebody would make it pinned.

Of course your actions will be towards the game, but by putting your position clearly in a thread that will only be addressed for those who wanna join your cause, and if a moderator may help exclude the bad comments that would eventually come (as they all would be off topic if the matter was recruiting, anyway) you can make even a small force of action in direction of your ideals.

I don't know if your intention is this kind of things, but it is my suggestion as a fellow MP3 player that just joined the game and want to see how the game flow will be changed if every different intention that I see here, in the Forums, became fully implanted in the game.

I think it would make things... much more interesting, in some way. *smiles*

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I don't really judge the person for their ideas but more or less the idea itself.'

If something was directly correlated to a person via an idea, like say.... "x people should get y bonus for z reason" then that is where I would judge the person, for it more or less benefits them or a small group of people, where as in this situation, it benefits a mass of people for future reference. If, that makes any sense.

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@Chewett - Agreed(i will never act against HC members of MB), I will take back my sentence. Its not a duty of MB citizens.

@Knozz, Xrieg : Yep i have formulated a plan for having MDP Guards but its Unofficial. I believe we have enough power to urself to stop the dojorule breakers. Mostly its weak noob players that do hit&run only very few powerful players do actually break the SG rules. I cannot ask for separate forum so i have started a personnel conversation with Katt, 18 others can join too so we can use that as a forum to plan ur strategy and tricks to do with the offenders. Ur plan will include
1) Peaceful means a)Friendly PM by tell ur problems and making him/her understand(by lowering ur EGO we can achieve a lot).
2) Propaganda a) Pl entry, b) use press/forums c) Entry in Chat log. d)Post lost and won battle log in forums and many such.
3) Non co-operate
4) Use ur Mentor / protectors protection
5) And final the last option WAR muhahaha a) inducing unwanted EXP-capping, b) Giving him more wins then need c)assassinate(my favorite part) and many others
On the other hand we also find way to protect urself from such attack and work as a team

I want to protect SG rules and MDP cos this is the place i grew up without dojorules and SG i won't be here making this Post. And i want the others noobs to enjoy the same which i had once. Even thou frankly i would like to be on the Offender's side and increase my stats but i will forget that before i became strong i was once a noob myself.

And so here it goes" [b]Want to be a part of MDP Elite guards just PM[/b] ". Trust me It will be fun hehe
Respect and honor

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Just to set the record straight, I actually am very keenly aware that I'm NOT always right. And that sometimes there is no black and white, just a lot of shades of gray.

I'm glad that folks expressed their opinions, even if most of them differed from my own. And I'm glad that we have a game that allows us to differ and still be friends.

I think, in the end, the point I was trying to make (and perhaps failed at it) was that we ALL (myself included) need to be a little more careful how we say things in messages and such because the written word is different from talking face-to-face. When one reads something, it is really easy to take it a completely different way than was intended because you cannot hear the person's intonation or see their face. That is how things are mistakenly taken as insults.

I think it is time now to close the topic. Thanks, everyone, on your input.

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