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The sun, because

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u are not on the wrong track. the void is the forth gate, the purpose, etc.
there SO MANY ways to define the forth gate. "gate" is a term i use because of many reasons, but don't see just as a entrance/exit, thats something else.

[ascii art removed, i will make a proper image her]

its actually not the north its the "east" (for reasons that hold the key) but heh..some might have a heart attack if i say everything on a forum :))))

now..i go get wasted, the opposite of Zen kind of way :)))

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[quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1299434685' post='80277']
Ankh to the east?


Now just superimpose that over a map of the realm :D

As soon as Mur says east, I think of the Tribunal.

Except my fractals tend to go like this…
[attachment=2635:Circle Compass Rose.jpg]

Or like this…
[attachment=2636:Another Circle Fractal.gif]

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So it's been 4 days since [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] posted and I was waiting for the drawing because I never got the chance to see it.

Anyway after looking closely at fractals that Brulant made I think that I figured something out about the fourth gate or " the void".

I think the fourth gate is where chaos resides and where order also resides.

It's like this:

Chaos keeps popping up new sub-shapes making new ones as it sees fit.Then Order closes off sub-shapes to keep it neat(balanced).

So it's just an endless cycle which one(chaos) opens sub-shapes and the other(order) closes them.

But to be honest I don't know what's all this is all about.
I regret to say that I'm not yet at [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color]'s level [s][size="1"]of craziness[/size][/s].

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I've hesitated long before posting here, because that sort of reasoning is totatlly new to me. So is the realm and all those thoughts that are associated to it.

However a few points mentioned here remind me of a few questions that I have in mind since I started to explore the forum and the concepts developped here, associated with my exploring of the realm.

The Lands of the East. Appeared after the rest of the realm, they seem to open to a new direction. And this should increase when they do open totally, as the map suggest that one day they will.
However they do provide unbalance somehow, because they just don't have their counter part (at least none that I know of).

All this is still very confused in my mind but...
- Is Necrovion the 4th point of the mini system built by the Main Lands ?
- Could the East be the first part of an extension of that system (the upper or lower level of the fractal applied to the system above)?
- And how will it close the loop in order to let the system operate and be balanced? Maybe by providing an exit that is different from its entry. And that exit has no real reason to be located at The East part of the realm in my opinion. It could also be totally at the opposite, wich would allow to close the loop in a way that will break them mental pattern that we have in mind and that says that everything should be represented on a plan. The Earth is a sphere, isn't it? Why not the realm?

Oh god, sorry if that makes no sense at all. Or if it is just trivial thoughts.

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Thinking on the void as a gate, a point that drags the rest of the system around it. In order to reach perfection, something must require nothing, require the void. That places the void as our point of travel, dragging us like a black hole towards a complete, balanced system. Could the gate be both open and closed at the same time? Can something that doesn't exist truly open and close?


If void is required for something to exist, for systems to perpetuate themselves and ignite the energy that drives them, then perhaps one could ride both infinity and void at once, thereby gaining awareness of that system. Awareness of the system allows us to look outside of it, to the void surrounding it, or defining it. But perhaps superseding the system isn't the goal, since void exists both at the center and the surrounding of the system. Systems seem to be fractal, made by the balance of void and everything.


Sometimes the sun refers to ideas of realization or enlightenment, and perhaps it is the attempt to realize void (which is theoretically unachievable, since to think on it makes it something, rather than nothing, even though it is integral to our existence, it remains an untouchable point) that is supposed to be our gate. However that seems one sided, and I suspect attempts to define also break away from some greater truth I have trouble grasping onto.


I feel like I am skirting around an important point. 


Ankh to the east?


Placing the point of void to the east creates a fractal, something infinite. Is this the way in which infinite energy is found, by making the point of void in a direction, driving us toward a goal? 


I've heard the east associated with the element of air, which has to do with thought, travel, and communication. There is a connection there, though I suppose any element could likely be used if considered heavily.


Sorry if I went on a bit of a rant, hopefully it was in a useful direction (and made sense haha).

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