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Be my Valentine


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So...after swallowing few nausea pills and preparing a stack of paper bags I proceeded to read the poems. Oh...the horror!!! What was I thinking when I started this quest? O.o I must have been either drunk either mad. Or maybe both...

So...I must agree....Z is the epitome of mushiness, nausea inducing and vomiting incentive. So he gets a WP.
Funny? Well...CrazyMike showed exactly how pi*cough* men are today. Wp for him also.

BUT...hell...there were also other good inputs (at least from my noob perspective).
The following players receive also a WP: ChildOfTheSoul, TTLExceeded, Atrumist (yeah...what can I say? My ego must be fed from time to time :D).

Z, you'll get your WP from No one.
The rest of you will get it from me.

Thank you for participating. Hope you had a good puk*cough* laugh cause I surely did :)

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