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Why the sun?

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[center][size="4"][font="Palatino Linotype"]Ever wondered why there is a sun?[/font][/size][/center]

PS. this is one of a series i will call "Question the obvious", and no its not a rethoric question, its not a joke and its not a trick question, its as deep as it could be.

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As a matter of fact, I have wondered this ^_^ I have to think about something when I'm falling asleep!

I came to the conclusion that we have the sun because we have to have it…
A better question would perhaps be, "Ever wondered why we have stars?"

Please correct me if I'm wrong:
We have a sun because our planet's landmass is caught in the nearest star's gravitational field while we spin, this pulls us in and causes us to orbit.
Hence, the nearest star, our "sun", seems to be rising and setting…

Life, as we know it, is not possible without the sun, so it's thanks to the sun that we can wonder why we have a sun :D
The sun is there because it's there.
We have it because we're alive, if that makes any sense at all.

Or, to put it another way, we have the sun because the sun allows us to exist to have the sun. It's a self-fufilling existence.
There is a sun because the sun is a sun ^_^

It's infinity. ∞

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Well if there were no sun then there would be nothing. plantes where made in the same process as the sun.in effect they are condensed of what dust cloud which collapsed to form the Sun in the first place. there would also be no light so no plants - no food chain. And if there is no sun we would freeze, die, and the planets would float everywhere.

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But this is not so- we need the sun to exist precisely as we are, but you could make the same argument about all things in the universe. EVERYTHING is as it must be to produce us exactly the way we are.

However - a sun is not necessary for what we might term as "life." Only a source of energy, which the sun conveniently is, but there are certainly other forms of energy.

On a more metaphorical level, there is a sun because we need life.

And we need life because we are alive.


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The Sun

Humans wonder what it is. They seek it out; long for its return in the darkness.
Desire is born.

They strive to learn about it. They theorize and test; reformulate and test again.
Science is born.

They feel its warmth. They sing its praises; paint its beauty and dance in its warmth.
Art is born.

They view its bounty. They strike; harm its children and take from their siblings.
War is born.

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I think it's possible that the sun is an active mirror. You might call the moon a passive mirror, in that it reflects the light of the sun, but does not generate it's own light energy.

The sun actively reflects the source at the center of the galaxy, which in turn actively reflects the source at the origin of the universe.

If we consider that all things come from the origin of the universe, then all things (including all of us) are mirrors, reflecting the energy of the source. What is interesting to me is the process by which a passive source becomes an active source. It is clear that through a number of processes, such as plant photosynthesis, the earth has methods of incorporating the sun's light energy and transferring it into countless forms of energy. I would imagine that the fate of the earth is to become an active mirror, and then that which orbits the earth (ie: the moon) will be the receiver of the earth's energy, in preparation to become its own active mirror.

There is an inherent fractal pattern where energy moves from the source of the universe to its orbiting galaxies to their orbiting stars to their orbiting planets to their orbiting moons and so on until the elements are the size of marbles or even the size of an atom, with a nucleus at the center emitting energy to orbiting electrons. In fact, the entire universe may already be just that size. After all, the premise is that all things (every atom) are a reflection of the entire universe.


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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1298628286' post='79579']
Question: Sun regarding MD's realm, or Sun regarding our reality?
I understood it as related to MD, but people started answering about the RL Sun, so, just to make sure...

I think the answer to your questinog there is going to be "yes" Rhaegar, just to confound us further.... but I read the original post the same way, asking about the MD sun.

...and I was going to simply look up from the bottom of the well, and smile at the circle of brightness above me as I continue to explore the strange realm down here with the rest of you mucks. :)
(said as friendly joking, not insults)

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Ever saw the sun?
In MD i mean...you see its light, but how can you say there is a sun if you don.t see it? You associate with what you know same way like a night butterfly confuses a lightbulb with the sun.

I am not saying there is no sun in md i am saying with certain covered meaning that i am not refering to the sun in md, but the sun in general, in md in universe, the stars tht each is a sun, the star shining in each of us, the continuous light in md, etc. Treat it as you like ..the question remains.

I am reading all your replies even if i dont answer each of them.

This is also in SOTIS because each of the future members of sotis will have to state their own answer to this, without being a true or fals opinion jus their opinion about the matter.

I must say, some of the answers above are valuable.

This topic is due to move to border research locked area soon.

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well, when "Pine tree issue" was brought on the forums, one of my replies was

[quote Rhaegar]
You didn't question yourself how do the plants create CO2 when there's no night, or something like that, but why are there no pine trees...

you have, I believe, noticed that you can't feel/see the weather here, as far as we know there's no winter (or any season changes for that is), so climate requirements... are a tough subject.


if we gonna go there.. why would you think mountains are colder in MD?

do you realize we know nothing about, firstly, nature of the "sun" in MD?
It isn't like the Sun that shines our Earth, or maybe it is, you have to prove it first in any case.



Well, I raised an unresponded issue there that we don't know nothing about the nature of the "Sun" in MD.

Trying to speculate [b]WHY[/b] there is a Sun in MD would require me first to know nature of the Sun. Is it a source of energy (as well as in RL?), is it just an ambient maker, does it have a more symbolic value (magical for our MD reality :P)?

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I actually wondered why we have reason and meaning in our lives...

On Topic:

In scientific terms:
It makes the world go round, literally.

In MD terms:
I actually haven't found out yet but I guess it has something to do with balance. But maybe not because there's no moon in MD or even a night.
So I think the sun is a source of guidance.

In MY terms:
The sun is what I want to be.
A light to others.
A being that's always looked upon.
A star that gives it's all for the sake of everyone and everything around it.

I think I sounded poetic in the last part and got off topic but that's what in me anyway.
You got a problem with being poetic?

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Physically, Sun is an unavoidable random event. Given the lifespan of the universe, even the most improbable things are bound to happen, like a hydrogen cloud collapsing to such a point that a fusion starts all on it's own. [Hail to Adams!]

Metaphysically, the sun is either the incarnation of a god (Utu, Schamasch, Ra, Helios, Sol Invictus) or a thing created by the gods (Sol [norse]) to spend life to mankind.

In MD, i'm personally convinced that the sun is the source of all magic (therefore, everything). That's why there's so much fuss about heat and its uses, be it personal growth, magics, praying, etc.

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[i][color="#4169e1"]I am going to assume that you mean the sun in MD, because I see the sun every sunset (which is quite a stunner in Africa might I add :cool:). As for a lack of an actual sun, Ive always guessed it was due to the fact that there are players from around the world, therefore it compensates for all the timezones and that the the energy that creates light came from a sun (as there is a GREAT HALL OF THE SUN in MDA,) to say otherwise I feel would tamper would game mechanics.

As for your initial question: Why is there a sun?

Light is a prerequisite for life. Without it we are nothing. It is the energy source for ALL living things. It has always been synonymous for life, as apposed to black (which is an absorbent and not technically a colour) which is synonymous for death. The sun has been worshipped for eons across various lands. Isis and Ra in Egypt, Surya in Hinduism, Helios in Greek Mythology(as I am sure you are all aware of).

Personally I believe that the sun is evidence of a Creator. Earth's position, and rotation, the age of our star is far to precise for it to be sheer co-incidence from the big-bang theory. I believe that it is there as a Massive battery to provide energy in every possible form. The sun does not only radiate the correct amount of light, it emmits radio waves, microwaves, gamma rays and probably loads more that I am not aware of - which we use every single day.

Why is there a sun?
As a former Christian I would say, because God - the guy who created everything- loves us. I have no other explanation than that - If you can tell can give me a solid reason as to WHY THERE IS A SUN instead of reasons for us worshiping this awesome ball of energy I am keen to hear what you have to say. [/color][/i]

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[quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1298645934' post='79600']
Light is a prerequisite for life. Without it we are nothing. It is the energy source for ALL living things.

what about bats... fishes that live in deep oceans...? Perhaps light as a side effect of a warm object that spreads it's energy and indirectly makes requirements for beings to live, beings that actually don't need light itself at all... And that would count only our Earth life forms - we as humans have much much much more to learn, and we certainly ain't that develop yet to make claims that life cannot exist without one thing (I am sure that eventually, exploring the depths of the universe, we will run into things that are contradicting to some of our beliefs that we adopted as laws)

About the theme on RL Sun... Some people are answering the reason of Sun's existence is to make things happen. I see it the other way around. Sun "happened" (how, I don't know nor anyone does yet) and life was created in that surroundings, any assumptions that it was created "with a plan" implies that there is a Creator (person) who made it and gave it a reason, which if proven would... really cause an effect in science world, finding out about a being that did such great things.
You can't answer Why until you learn some basic new infos, regarding RL Sun.

Same conclusion is dragged for MD Sun. Basic Infos are needed about Sun's nature at least. (We know that RL Sun gives us light, energy and such... waves that Sharazhad mentioned. We don't know nothing - at least I don't know - about effects of MD's sun)

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1298637000' post='79587']

Ever saw the sun?
In MD i mean...you see its light, but how can you say there is a sun if you don.t see it? You associate with what you know same way like a night butterfly confuses a lightbulb with the sun.


I saw the sun


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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1298637000' post='79587']
Ever saw the sun?
In MD i mean...you see its light, but how can you say there is a sun if you don.t see it? You associate with what you know same way like a night butterfly confuses a lightbulb with the sun.

Ah, but we are sentient, so we can say: We declare the source of this light a Sun. And as such eligible for consideration when talking about suns (or a specific sun).

As to my answer to the question if it is a sun in our universe, I'd say: Because it didn't die yet.

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When pondering about the Sun in MD myself before this, first idea that fell to my mind was that perhaps MD is just a small cube where an evil experimentalist planted a light bulb outside it... Nights are commonly known to him as power cuts :D

Nice pic Marv, forgot about the weather spell-pics :)

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Firstly the earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. How? By a little bit of the Suns accretion disc agglomerating into a large spherical form. So the Sun is ESSENTIAL to OUR lifes. Without the Sun this agglomeration would have never taken place*, and we would have never been formed.
Thus I see the symbol, within MD, as a symbol of our creator, without whom we would not be playing this game, nor speaking on this forum, to one another, at all. The name "Soldiers of the Inner Sun" being a fitting title for those that work behind the scenes, keeping the game running...

My views :)

~Sasha Lilias~

[size="1"]*At least not in our solar system :)[/size]

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Form a philosophical perspective:

I've mentioned the anthropic principle on these boards before, and this is an anthropic question. It's impossible (or illogical I guess) to ask "why the sun" because if it weren't for the sun you wouldn't be here to question why it's here.

From a scientific/cosmological perspective:

In order to get to the bottom of the "why the sun" question, you'd first need to question just about every aspect of physical law. The force of gravity, the weak and strong nuclear forces, electromagnetic force, the laws of thermodynamics, etc, etc. I once read an interesting article discussing something similar:


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I wondered, yes.

But how would I be able to answer it without having been witness to creation, or at least a part of it, or the ability to answer one of the deepest mysteries?

The why always is a lingering question, with no real [i]correct[/i] answer.

I wondered, but have no conclusion other than I think it exists.

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