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Alright, I think we have enough people now. (Along with sagewoman), I think we can close this topic. I'll contact you all tomorrow, I am kind of tired now.

Just to poke my nose in, Neither team should really "not allow" anyone else to join since its a contest for everyone. Unless ofc iv been reading this entirely wrong.

Let me help you out on an issue the Merry Devilers worked through already. We "win" by creating a challenge that you deem to be FUN. What is the point of spying? Think this through to the logical c

[quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1298561802' post='79516']
[color="#2e8b57"][i]You know what our team has that the other team doesn't have?[/i][/color]

[size="7"][i][color="#2e8b57"][b]AWESOMENESS!!!![/b] :cool::cool::cool::cool:
oh btw Sage, I'm so gonna get dressed up in a itsy bunny outfit - you should to![/size]

But the Loser Team won't take us seriously if we wear those costumes! However, I am not opposed to getting a Bunny tattoo. I wuv our Bunny Wunny!

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[quote name='CrazyMike' timestamp='1299034689' post='79818']
Wizard Raith
Kay Inglid

Please pm me your forum name,as the name above is not found.
Sharaz[b]h[/b]ad. 2 H's.
Seigheart is Vicarious on the forum. Not sure on the spelling.

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Alright people, today is the day that I unveil my wonderful plans for the B-Day Challenge.

If you are on this team and you don't have access to the following link: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/234-team-bunny-is-awesomeness/
Then please say so, either in pm or in this topic.

We're entering the next phase :D

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Not last phase, just phase 2 :P

Anyway, big announcement here!

[size="7"]From this point on, once you join our team, you cannot, for very secretive reasons, defect and join the other team. You can still leave us, and keep quiet, but that's it![/size]

Thank you :D

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[quote name='yokin' timestamp='1300184163' post='80677']
Still I cannot see the subforum. May anyone help?

[quote name='CrazyMike' timestamp='1300192834' post='80680']
Your name has been submitted.Give Chewett sometime to add you. ;)

Your were added on the 13th march, the day i was asked to add you. Nothing has changed since then. Have you tried the link?

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