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MD Birthday Party preparations

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Mur and Lady Ailith, Above is a link to our working draft schedule for the 18 or so challenges we are planning. Also in the Merry Deviler's subforum is a discussion of what each challenge will be like.

It is not clear to me at all what data you are requesting, what "samples" you want, or what sort of test protocol you are planning. Could you please clarify this?

p.s. The Merry Devilers are of course still open to people who wish to be solvers, though it is a bit late to be coming up with new challenges.

[Edit p.p.s. - Forum says Lady Ailith has not been online since March 3rd....]

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I think it would be cool to have veterans decide on leaders and then have each leader organize and name their team so that each team is unique. Just an idea. I think this festival has a lot of potenti

YAY FIRST REPLY!!! My birthday is actually the same day as the MD birthday which is really cool. I call I'm on Team "Us". Someone else be on Team "Them".

Well, I'd say: Team Bunnies Team Squirrels Leaders... Hm, we should pick two new mp3s to lead the teams, just for fun...

Which is what i was going to contact you about, Ailith is MIA and i doubt she will be running the birthday.

And doesnt have access to this section due to something she requested. So only Mur can see this, IF he even takes the time to look

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