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MD Birthday Party preparations

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I think it would be cool to have veterans decide on leaders and then have each leader organize and name their team so that each team is unique. Just an idea. I think this festival has a lot of potenti

YAY FIRST REPLY!!! My birthday is actually the same day as the MD birthday which is really cool. I call I'm on Team "Us". Someone else be on Team "Them".

Well, I'd say: Team Bunnies Team Squirrels Leaders... Hm, we should pick two new mp3s to lead the teams, just for fun...

I'd like to see teams "Red Reddinghood" and "Big Bad Wolf". From my view there is much potential at both.

Now from the serious side, maybe the leaders of the different kingdoms should point out one of their citizens [i](or a suitable person for the task)[/i], and after a short discussion the two Leader should arise to gather their armies.

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Bunnies have gloves ?:o

EDIT: i dunno if i can be of any help but i can join a team for this event , and if a task is appointed to me by a team leader i will do my best to get it solved.

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[quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1298275423' post='79170']
[color="#2e8b57"]Im on the side where the tequila, rum and muffins are being held :D[/color][/i]
I apply for a team that's opposite of that :P

Preferably the ice cream team :P

May I suggest simple Red Army VS Blue Army? If so, I want to be in the red one! :)

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1298243324' post='79134']
The event will be managed by Ailith because she already has experience in organizing large scale events. Yeah , she seems to be still alive, i poked her once and she seemed to move..might be a reflex idk, we shall see :P


I am not dead, I'm just resting >> (pimped grasan to the first who gets the reference :P)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, I'm sure you can make it a birthday celebration to remember. If any have any queries or such please message me ingame or in the forum and I will respond asap.

It's going to be a fun one I'm sure :)

p.s. if there's any tequila going spare, I will gladly help dispose of it ;D

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I vote for team "The Strong" vs team "The Weak". And i plan on joining "The Strong".

I'm very excited about all this. I still have to figure out the exact date (having a couple week off the net in April scares me abit...) but I look forward to discovering that new territory along with having fun with riddles.

I vote for Bunny as President of team The Weak (best thing to do is to appoint very quickly 2 leaders whoever they are).

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One question: If I apply for team Bunny, can I still get a chance to burn Metal Bunnies testicles? That's all the fun for me in all of the festivals I've been so far... And I've been to one. The one Bunny himself hosted.

Eagerly awaiting a reply, Ravenstrider, the BTB...

Edit: For all of you naughty ones, BTB is not Bunny Testicle Burner, it's Bunny Team Bishop... We need titles in order for this to work...

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