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The final burial, complete chatlog.

[log=Log final burial]Tipu marches in waving the flag of Team undertakers
Tipu: Lets bury the dead muhaha
: Azull steps out from behind a pillar
: Tipu salutes Team leader Grido
Tipu: Shouts : *tipu Reporting sir* sir yes sir
Azull: *chuckles* your leader seems to be sleeping Tipu
Tipu: ahh comm on team leader can't sleep while on duty *tries to wake him up*
Tipu: haha seems he is in deep sleep nwm.. *turns to azull*
: Azull smiles watching him
Tipu: *looks around and plots a evil scheme* hehe
Azull: *grins* Don't get any ideas brother..
Tipu: *moves towards azull and starts whispering in his ears* hi azull
: Azull listens
Tipu: ho u r in a bad shape *points to Azulls dress*
Azull: *looks at his kilt and cloak* this.. I like it
: Tipu takes shiny coins out of pocket
: sasha lilias the ghost, hovers around her misformed body and waves her arms, desperatly seeing if anyone can see her
: Azull turns to watch the ghost
Tipu: *starts bribing Azull* hey why don't u join us
Azull: *laughs* You should know that won't work
Tipu: *starts his brainwashing speach* hey join us u will be be rewarded
: Azull chuckles
: Tipu takes few more coins from his pocket and shows to azull
: Azull takes a big, heavy bag of coins from his pack and shows it to Tipu
Tipu: com' on man u can do a good spy job for us...
: sasha lilias the ghost, begins to mimic the placing of her body in the coffin
Tipu: what's the point of staying friendly to a dead body...
: sasha lilias the ghost, looks urgently at the people gathered
Azull: Why don't you join us, together we can convince Sunfire too
: Azull watches Sasha's ghost intently
Azull: *turns to Tipu* All of KC's guard on the same side again, what do you think eh
: sasha lilias the ghost, waves her arms more urgently this time as the tentacle begins to move a little
Tipu: ahh now i can see her... *looks at the ghosts*
: Azull steps in front of Sasha's ghost and extends his arm towards her
sasha lilias: *the ghost, closes her eyes and concentrates before moving her lips* P...please... *she tries harder* the...body... *holds her side as if in pain but continues trying* co..coffin....bury..
: sasha lilias the ghost ,collapses from the strain, hovering a few inches above the ground
Azull: *speaks to the ghost* you want us to bury you?
Tipu: ahh looks all she want is to have a proper burial...thats what she want ..
Tipu: all the dead should rest in peaceee..hehe
Azull: *turns to Tipu looking at him* so it seems
Tipu: u c i was correct iam always hehe
Tipu: what we can do is to bury her then she will have a good rebirth and will start a new life ...
: Azull looks at Sasha's ghost again
sasha lilias: *the ghost, looks up towards Azull and speaks once more, using the last of her energy* Death... *points to the tentacle* Life..... *points to herself before falling unconscious* .
Tipu: *scratches his head* !!!!@#$#%
Tipu: ok understood i will translate the Azull.. *tries to bluff*
Tipu: all she said was " plz bury me" ....
Azull: *looks at Tipu* ok, lets put her body in the coffin then
Tipu: all right then *jumps happly*
Tipu: *runs towards the lead casket and opens the door ...* cracckkk
Tipu: *takes a deep look in side the casket* poor sasha :(
: Azull looks from Sasha's ghost to Tipu
Tipu: *hold the legs of sasha body* hey azull help me out ...she is heavy even after her dead ..
sasha lilias: (There are no legs! ><)
: Azull steps to the other side and lifts Sasha's body carefully
: sasha lilias the ghost, watches weakly as they bury what is left from her body. She smiles a little and thinks to herself..."I..beat you..."
Tipu: then who's body is this... *turns to body* what sunfire..!!!!
Tipu: *ignores sunfire and move towards azull to help him out ..* ok her i come..
: Tipu lifts the body along with Azull
: Azull together with Tipu places the body in the coffin
Tipu: *laughs* hahaha...
: sasha lilias the ghost, slowly rises, still weak from speaking, but walks towards the coffin
Tipu: hey azull take a finall look at ur friend ... for she will be buried muhaha
: Azull glares at Tipu
: sasha lilias the tentacle begins whipping around ferociously as if it knows what is happening
Tipu: hey azull how about buring the ghost too..lets end this once and for all..
: Azull pushes the tentacle down
: sasha lilias the tentacle continues to whip around as Azull holds it down
Azull: *looks at Tipu still pushing down on the tentacle* you can't bury a ghost Tipu
: sasha lilias the ghost, watches with horror as it moves
: sasha lilias the tentacle whips at Tipu, a large tear appearing in his armor as it rips it open like a tin can
Azull: *strugles with the tentacle* Come on Tipu, help me out here
Tipu: haha i will show this ghost not to mess up with KC guards
Tipu: i will cut all her tentacles muhaha
: sasha lilias the ghost, glowers towards Tipu and points towards the coffin lid
Tipu: *tries to draw his rusted sword* in the name of undertaker...but..
Azull: *turns his head to Tipu* get the lid of the coffin Tipu.
Azull: But wait until I get my arms out
Tipu: *his rusted sword get stuck in his sheath* damn ...stupid amor.
Azull: *strugles with the tentacle* hurry up man
Tipu: ho ok * runs to the coffin lid*
Tipu: *drags it towards azull* what now..
Azull: *pushes down on the tentacle* get ready to close the coffin, but mind my arms yes
Tipu: all right iam ready..
Azull: *grunts as the tentacle trashes around* ok, on three, close the lid..
Tipu: *nods* ok
Azull: *pushes down hard* one...
Azull: two...
Azull: three, do it NOW *pulls his arms out quickly*
Tipu: *quickly slides the coffin lid* yes yes we did it muhaha
: sasha lilias silence falls...as Sasha's body is buried forever
: sasha lilias the ghost, smiles sadly, knowing she will never be human again
Tipu: *starts dancing his family dance* ..bur bur burrrssss
: Azull turns to watch Sasha's ghost
: sasha lilias the ghost, moves silently to her now ghostly creatures and smiles at them
Tipu: *starts lowing the casket into the grave* hey not yet finished
Tipu: lowering*
: sasha lilias the ghost, looks towards her pile of gold, silver and lumber, lying in wait of her use
: Azull watches her
Tipu: ahh gold... *tipu looks around*
: sasha lilias the ghost, the ghost looks towards Tipu and frowns
Tipu: why the dead needs gold.. *moves towards sasha's treasure*
: Azull walks toward Sasha's ghost and stands beside her looking at Tipu
: Tipu starts collecting all gold and silver and stuffs his pocket
: sasha lilias the ghost, shakes her head and smiles as the coins melt into sand before reforming upon the pile...waiting for the ghostly touch
Tipu: what the hell!!! * looks at the coins turning into sand*
: Azull smiles
Tipu: noooooo !!!this can't be i was so close
sasha lilias: (By the way....the quest is still not over (; Death is only the beginning....)
Tipu: *covers the casket with sand and burys it once and for all* ..
Tipu: places his Team flag near the burial and shout : UNDERTAKERS HAVE WON muhaha
Azull: *chuckles* you think so..
: sasha lilias the ghost, shakes her head and smirks
: Tipu walks towards MB capital.. disappointed as he looks his empty pocket
: Azull watches Tipu leave then turns to Sasha's ghost
: sasha lilias the ghost, smiles towards Azull and gestures for him to go and take a few of her coins...
: Azull nods and kneels beside the pile of coins and takes a few coins[/log]

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(all logs will still go here?)
[color="#FF0000"][size="5"]THE BEGINNING OF PART THREE[/size][/color]

Well, this didn't take long to happen…
[log=Step 1: Unearthing the Coffin]
: Brulant stretches and sets his violin carefully down on the ground
Brulant: *gestures to Blade and Samon* Would you two mind helping me dig up the casket?
samon: I'm here to help
Blade Faryn: *nods* We'll have to won't we?
Brulant: *starts to look over the ground of the Gazebo, using his feet to probe for loose ground* I don't know exactly where they buried her…
Blade Faryn: *stretches and makes his way over to Brulant* I think...
Blade Faryn: I think here? *feels the tiles shift under him*
: Brulant manages to find some loose ground under his feet, then looks up to see Blade standing across from him
Brulant: Well, it looks like this could be the place…
Blade Faryn: I have to admit, I never thought I'd be digging up bodies at any point.
samon: neither did I
Brulant: *bends down and grunts as he starts to try and lift a tile* Never been to Necro then, have you?
samon: I have been there
Brulant: *continues to pull on the tile, looking at the other two pointedly* Some help, please?
samon: but it isn't a place for me
Brulant: *grins at samon* I meant during the excavation.
Blade Faryn: No, not yet. *moves over and grunts as he helps lift the tile up*
samon: *also helps lifting the tile* does any of you have a shovel?
: Brulant stands up shakily as he, Blade, and samon lift the tile
Blade Faryn: No. But Willow might... *thinks*
Brulant: *nods to a pillar* I already grabbed one from Willow's
: Blade Faryn starts shifting to the side once the tile is lifted to get it out of the way
Brulant: *stumbles a little* Whoa, not so fast, Blade. A little more warning next time.
Blade Faryn: Sorry.. *grits his teeth*
Brulant: Alright, lets set it down over there…
Brulant: *speaks amicably while they move the tile* I probably should've grabbed more than one shovel though.
Blade Faryn: *nods and slowly helps lower it* Mind your fingers..
Blade Faryn: I can go fetch one. I'm sure Willow won't miss another shovel for a short time..
: Brulant slowly starts to ease the tile down
Brulant: *nods* True enough.
: Brulant sets his edge of the tile on the ground, pulling his fingers out of the way and letting it drop the last inch
Blade Faryn: *grunts* I better fetch some rope too. A lead coffin will not be easy to raise
Brulant: *grins* I was just about to say that.
: samon lets drop the tile at the same time
: Blade Faryn does the same as the other two and lets out a breath
Brulant: And maybe a pulley too, if you could find one?
Blade Faryn: *nods* I'll grab what I can.
Brulant: Alright, we'll wait here. Hurry back!
: Blade Faryn nods and hurries on out
: Brulant nudges the tile with his foot while he waits for Blade to return
: Blade Faryn returns with the shovel, rope, and pully, as well as a plank
Blade Faryn: Alright, I guess we should get digging then.
Brulant: *stops nudging the tile* Oh good, you're back.
samon: *gets up* welcome back
Blade Faryn: *nods* Thanks.
: Brulant grabs his shovel from where it was resting up against the pillar and walks over to the exposed dirt
Blade Faryn places the other supplies to the side and removes his coat before making his way to the dirt as well
samon: you took only one shovel?
Brulant: Blade… you did remember a shovel for samon right?
Brulant: He's a helper. He helps.
Blade Faryn: No. The other one is with the other stuff in the pile.
Brulant: *sticks his shovel into the loose dirt* Alright then, lets get digging.
samon: ah *looks in the pile and takes out a shovel* there it is
: Blade Faryn nods and starts to help with the digging process
: samon also sticks his shovel in the dirt
: Brulant bends down and moves over to make room, beginning to dig furiously
samon: does anyone know how deep we have to dig?
Brulant: About six feet? *laughs*
Brulant: Throw your dirt well away from the pile, but not over the edge, we want to refill the grave later.
Blade Faryn: Six feet sounsd about right, but we'll hit the coffin sooner or later
Blade Faryn: Yes... I'd rather not have to fetch dirt from another area to fill the hole back up
samon: *nods* that would be a lot of truble
: Brulant steps into the hole as their combined efforts make quick progress in the loose dirt
: Blade Faryn works as quickly as he could to try and get this task over with
Brulant: *grins at the other two while he digs* Lets just hope we're in the right place
samon: don't waste all your energy right at the start
Brulant: Yeah, we still have to lift a coffin, remember?
Blade Faryn: *slows down some* A heavy one at that..
samon: *notices amber* hello
Blade Faryn: The dirt is pretty loose here so we should be in the right spot
AmberRune: hello
: Brulant nods to Amber while he continues to dig
samon: probably
Brulant: *teases Amber as the hole gets deeper and deeper* So, you were still challenged after I gave you the hint?
: Blade Faryn glances and nods to Amber as he continues to shovel away the dirt
AmberRune: *sticks her tongue out at Brulant* Hush you.
AmberRune: *looks at all the digging* What's going on here?
: Brulant throws a shovelful of dirt in Amber's direction
Brulant: We're digging up Light's coffin.
samon: something going on between you 2?
Brulant: *laughs and winks at samon* She was doing the challenges on my Hate Page and got a little stuck for a while
Brulant stops as his shovel hits something hard
Blade Faryn: Do you think the body has changed at all since we last saw it? *pauses as he heards the thunk from Bru's shovel*
Blade Faryn: Either that's the coffin or we've struck a treasure chest.
samon: I'll give those challenges a look after we're done
Brulant: I hope it's not wrong to hope it's treasure.
samon: *looks at the others and also stops* you've got something
samon: ?
Blade Faryn: *chuckles* It would be nice, wouldn't it?
Brulant: *mutters while her clears away dirt* Ah, for older players they're just little brain teasers.
Brulant: I reward younger players who solve them though.
Brulant: *clears away some dirt to reveal dark lead* Seems like we've got something.
samon: that looks good
Brulant: Now we've got to dig around it so we can secure the rope.
: Brulant starts to clear out the area around the edges of the coffin
samon: yeah... *starts to dig again*
: Blade Faryn nods to Brulant and starts to dig around the coffin
Brulant: Make sure you're going clockwise, Blade. It saves some work.
Brulant: *calls up to Amber from the hole* Could you bring that rope over here?
Brulant: *sighs and looks at samon* Or if you could climb out of the hole and get it.
: Blade Faryn nods and works clockwise as requested
samon takes the rope and drops one end down, holding the other end
sasha lilias: (Nahh just say Chris XD)
Brulant: Alright Blade, that should be good enough. I'm going to try and slip the rope underneath the coffin, see if you can't grab the other end.
samon: sure *climbs up*
Blade Faryn: Will do. *takes a couple deep breaths and sets the shovel aside for now*
Brulant: Alright Blade, that should be good enough. I'm going to try and slip the rope underneath the coffin, see if you can't grab the other end.
: Brulant grabs the end of the rope and feeds it underneath the coffin
: Blade Faryn crouches down and feels around for the rope
: Blade Faryn soon grabs onto it as he comes in contact with it
: Brulant lets go of the rope as he feels Blade grab it
: Blade Faryn stands up straight with the end of the rope in hand
Brulant: Alright, good job.
Blade Faryn: Alright. *hands it back to Bru so he could tie it up*
Brulant takes the end of the rope back and starts to tie a simple but strong knot
Brulant: Does the coffin look completely free?
Blade Faryn: *looks around his side of the coffin and nods to Bru* Looking good here
Brulant: Okay, my side looks pretty good too. *yanks on the knot one more time then nods* Let's climb up, that should hold it.
Brulant scrabbles up the side of the hole, then takes a few deep breaths when he reaches the top
Brulant: Samon, if you could find somewhere to secure the pulley while Blade and I catch our breath it would be much appreciated.
: Blade Faryn climbs on out of the hole and makes his way over towards Bru to catch his breath as well
samon: *looks around* there isn't much here
Brulant: *looks at the pulley while he rests* It looks like you could secure it around a pillar.
samon: probably
Brulant: *unties his sash and offers it to samon* Here, use this.
Brulant: Thread it through the eye on the back of the pulley. Oh! And make sure the rope is on the pulley.
samon: ok *takes the pully and puts the rope around it*
Blade Faryn: *chuckles* That would help
: samon binds the pully around the pillar with brulants sash
: Brulant chuckles and picks up the rope so there's some slack to work with
: samon makes sure the knot will hold it
Brulant: Now, lets hope that my sash will hold this!
: samon nods and takes the rope
: Brulant grabs the end of the rope and pulls it out horizontally from the ground, pulling samon along with him
Brulant: Whenever you're ready, Blade.
: Blade Faryn takes another breath and makes his way to the other two, grabbing a hold of the rope
Blade Faryn: Alright. Let's do this
Blade Faryn: On three?
Brulant: *nods* One.
: samon nods once more
Blade Faryn: Two
Blade Faryn: THREE! *starts to pull*
: Brulant pulls as hard as he can
: samon pulls
: Blade Faryn grits his teeth and strains as he pulls along with the others
Brulant: *takes a step back as the coffin starts to rise* Pull!
samon: *pulls a bit harder* mmmh
: Blade Faryn tugs as hard as he could,
Brulant: *takes a few more steps back* Almost there, guys…
: samon nods
Blade Faryn: Keep it up!
: Brulant grunts with effort as the coffin rises out of the hole
samon: there it comes
Brulant: Someone's going to have to swing it away from the hole.
Blade Faryn grunts and starts to make his way to the coffin, basically pulling himself closer
: Brulant digs his feet in as Blade moves closer to the coffin
Brulant: *shuts his eyes as he strains against the weight* Hurry, Blade… oh my poor sash…
Blade Faryn: Hold on! *releases the rope briefly so he could swing the coffin away*
:Blade Faryn manages to get it enough so that it wouldn't tip back into the hole
: samon almost gets pulled back by the extra weight
: Brulant leans backwards as Blade releases the rope
: Brulant notices that the coffin is over ground and releases the rope, letting the coffin drop with a loud thump
Blade Faryn: *doubles over to catch his breath, glad that was over with* Good job guys..
samon: *looks over his shoulder and releases the rope* we're done
Brulant: Phew……
: Brulant drops to his knees while he catches his breath
samon: *sits down* let's rest for a bit before opening it

[log=Step 2: Clean Up]

: Blade Faryn makes his way over to one of the pillars to rest against it for the time being
: Brulant stands wearily and unties his sash from the pillar and removes it from the pulley
samon: we're lucky that it didn't break
Blade Faryn: That's quite a sturdy sash for sure. *grins*
Brulant: *nods* I wonder what this sash is made of.
: Brulant laughs
Brulant: Well, step one done.
Blade Faryn: Yeah. Now to get the darn thing opened.
Brulant: Step two… refill the grave and move the tile back.
Blade Faryn: That too.
Brulant: Step three is open it. *smiles wearily* We have a lot of work to do.
samon: *gets up* let's continue
Blade Faryn: And that's just the beginning.
: Brulant groans and follows Samon over to the dirt piles
Blade Faryn: *stands back up and fetches his shovel* May as well get this over with
: samon takes his shovel
: Blade Faryn begins to shovel the dirt back into the hole they've created
: Brulant grimaces and reaches down into the hole to reclaim his shovel
samon waits for brulant to get his shovel and helps filling the hole
: Brulant starts to just shove the piles of dirt over instead of lifting it
samon: *shakes his head* I really never thought I would be digging someone up
: Blade Faryn his pace is somewhat slower than whey they first begun this expidition but he continues to press on
: Brulant pushes the pile into the hole, quickly filling it most of the way up
Brulant: *shakes his head at samon* It's not someONE anymore. It's someTHING.
Blade Faryn: Unless the body miraculously turned into something else again.
: Brulant starts to pat down the dirt that the other two are shoveling in with his shovel
samon: same thing
Blade Faryn: Who knows the current state...
Brulant: As far as I know, it's a dead tentacle.
: Blade Faryn heaves a sigh and gets the last of his dirt pile into the hole
Brulant: That should do it… you always end up with more dirt than you started with.
Brulant: *glances at the heavy tile and sighs* Howabout we just slide that back on top?
samon: we can't leave it laying there, can we?
Brulant: (yup)
Blade Faryn: Someone could trip over it easily if we leave it out. Best slide it back
Brulant: Oh course not! But I don't want to lift it again!
:Brulant throws his shovel down and trudges over to the tile
: samon puts away his shovel and slowly folows brulant
Blade Faryn: *drops the shovel to the side and steps beside brulant and Samon* Ready guys?
Brulant: Wait wait, are we sliding or lifting?
samon: man I wish we had someone who's able to use levitation magic
: Brulant huffs a sigh but starts to slide the tile
: Blade Faryn does the same as Bru, grimacing due to his already-worn muscles
*grimaces but is happy that the tile is moving faster due to the help* If you think you're sore now, wait until tomorrow.
Blade Faryn: Of course... I'll definitely be feeling this in the morning.
Brulant: *stands up as the tile moves into position* Alright… now we just wait for the dirt to settle.

[log=Step 3: Opening the Coffin]
Brulant: *stands up* Well… let's crack this thing open.
Azull: it ripped a hole in Tipu's armor.
Blade Faryn: *raises a brow* It managed to do that?
Azull: be careful
Brulant: On 3, everyone. *places his hands underneath the lid*
Azull: yes. and good armor it was too
Blade Faryn: We will.
Brulant: We will, Azull.
: Blade Faryn gets ready as well
samon slightly nods and places his hands under the lid
Brulant: 1…
Brulant: 2…
Brulant: 3!! Lift!
: samon closes his eyes and lifts
: Brulant lifts his side up
: Blade Faryn lifts his side up as well, grimacing as he helps shift it aside
: Brulant moves sideways to get the lid away from the coffin
: Azull watches
: Brulant drops his side of the lid once it's clear of the coffin
: Blade Faryn lets out a breath and releases the lid as well
: samon also moves the lid aside
: samon and drops it
Brulant: *sighs* Alright… that's enough manual labor for the day.
: Brulant gingerly approaches the coffin and looks inside
: Blade Faryn peers inside as well to see the body
samon: is it dead?
: samon looks at them from a small distance
Brulant: *looks closely at the unmoving thing that was once Sasha* It looks like it…
Blade Faryn: Seems that way. It doesn't seem to be moving at least.
samon: *slowly moves closer and looks inside* so this is what's left of her...
Brulant: *shakes his head* It's no longer her. Sasha's body was turned into something else by Light.
Blade Faryn: *nods slowly* Her body transformed a few days before her burial
: Brulant lets out a sigh and walks over to rest against a pillar
samon: so... what should we do now?
Brulant: I think we've done enough for the day.
Blade Faryn: The next task isn't so straightforward
Azull: *looks inside the coffin* hm...
Brulant: Blade, Adio, and I need to decide how to move forwards.
Blade Faryn: We need to figure out how and why this transformation happened

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Ideas for body tests…

Brulant mumbles something about wanting to see if the body breaks down when exposed to air
Azull: *chuckles* talking in his sleep..
samon: I would love to help you close it after i've rested a bit more
Azull: *nods* We should take a sample and place it in a sealed container.
: Brulant mumbles something about getting many samples, and kittens
Brulant: (Alright, I'm really gone now. Cheers ;)
samon: (bye)
Blade Faryn: *chuckles at brulant and relaxes for now* Give me a moment or two to rest..
Blade Faryn: (later bru)
Brulant: (I lied. We need samples for heating, cooling, pickling, adding acids too, adding bases too, adding liquid dust too, adding water from the Fountain of Dark Vibrations too, and whatever else we can)
Brulant: (think of doing)

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Well i have collected all the items required for stage 2 Quest

4)fire woods
5)Metal Rod

Got a few torture devise too :-)
1) Knee Splitter
2) Inquisitional Chair
3) Heretic’s fork
4) The Spanish Tickler
5) Rat Torture

Ho yes iam going to make her Talk again in my way...
Brother sunfire lets help her to regain her speech thru pain muhahaha...

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[quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1298990024' post='79789']
4)fire woods
5)Metal Rod

Got a few torture devise too :-)
1) Knee Splitter
2) Inquisitional Chair
3) Heretic’s fork
4) The Spanish Tickler
5) Rat Torture

Ho yes iam going to make her Talk again in my way...
Brother sunfire lets help her to regain her speech thru pain muhahaha...

I would really love to know how you're planning to use those on a ghost.

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