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Life or Death?

Sasha Lilias

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As some of you are aware I placed a task to a small few the other week, this task was to kill Sasha Lilias, but for real. Now is the second part of the quest.
During this phase you must make a decision, should Sasha live? Or should she die?
If you choose death then you must type "Undertakers", and if you choose life you must choose "Resurrectioners". These will be the two groups. The leader(s) of your group will be announced once you have joined, after this you must do as that person( or people ) say.
The two groups will be against eachother, both fighting for what they see fit, death...or life.

Stage one was all about items, spells and who you knew, and how you could use these to influence what you felt. Now, in stage two, it is all about roleplay. You may be able to keep me dead, or you may be able to bring me back from death, but the winners will be the ones that show that they can get things done through roleplay only.
There are two points to this quest, the main being that I want people, new and old, to show how good their roleplaying skills are, and how this can influence the world around them.
I hope this will work...:s

[color="#FF0000"]The rewards: Rewards for those that did very well.(Possibly a WP for outstanding RP)[/color]

Note: Depending on what the outcome is (death or life) Sasha's role will change. For the good or bad....thats for you to decide.
[u]Current list;[/u][/b][/u][/i]


[color="#0000FF"][u]Reserrectioners: [/u]
Blade Faryn

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1296934029' post='78506']
I don't have the time to take part in the quest but I vote for sasha being left dead.
[quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1296934460' post='78507']
ditto with dst's comment
I will ad you as influences, so if you decide to join in at all you may.

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For those that are ready, should come to the GoC to be briefed on what they must do and who their leaders are.

[color="#FF8C00"]Important Note: People should not start this quest yet. At the moment I am still collecting willing [s]lab pets[/s] questers. Whilst speaking in a group about ideas is fine, trying to start reviving/keeping her dead will result in penalties.[/color]

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1296949945' post='78518']
Nice reward, though I somehow don't feel like joining up that much.

If I may ask, what did you mean with the leader stuff, like him telling you to hand over coins and you obey, or just rpwise?

I wouldn't be scared of that I mean really who is going to make you hand over stuff. Mur wont and even if he sues you I think it would be pretty hard to mount a case regarding a quest.

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a couple of question:

1. Is sasha already dead? (your quest description is a little confusing due to lack of information)
2. If so where is the RP of it?
3. When will this *choice* be decided?
4. What will the outcome be of each choice? (if sasha stays dead is the char gone forever?)

If this is all about roleplay where, when, and in what form will all of this take place? Your quest description is VERY vague

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[quote name='Blade Kuroda' timestamp='1297362422' post='78733']
I'm interested in this, though I have the same questions as phantasm.

If you're still allowing people, I guess I'd join the resurection side?

Have similar questions.... but:
If I could, Maebius would join the Gravediggers... but he won't leave where he is to RP, sadly. Good luck though!

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[quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1297345296' post='78729']
a couple of question:

1. Is sasha already dead? (your quest description is a little confusing due to lack of information)
2. If so where is the RP of it?
3. When will this *choice* be decided?
4. What will the outcome be of each choice? (if sasha stays dead is the char gone forever?)


I can try and answer some of these from what I've picked up about the quest:
1. Sasha is suspended in a sort of limbo, she is neither dead nor alive. Think of it as a crossroads where we decide the output. (Even though she is "dead" according to game mechanics) However, this is from the side of the Resurrectioners. The caretakers may say that she is already dead.
2. The main RP will probably be happening in the Gazebo of Chaos, since that is where Sasha's body is.
3. Sasha really hasn't given a clear indication, but it could be a few weeks. During a torch competition most likely.
4. I can't answer this one ^_^

I hope that helps a little bit.

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[color="#FF8C00"]Firstly, this is ment to be vague, if you knew all parts of idea then you would have a stronger choice of wether to join or not. The less that is told in the beginning will entice those that are of a curiouse nature, these being some of the best roleplayers. Roleplay is nearly always unpredicatble, how this pans out, where it is placed and by whom will be decided by the teams.
Secondly the roleplay was held out at the Fountain of Dark Vibrations, part of it can be found ,posted by Asterdai, by clicking the fountain.
This quest could go on as a long term one, this is a battle for a life of a person, it is also a way for more people(especially the newer players) to get involved in role playing and get to know others in the realm.
As for what will happen I cannot say, wether Sasha lives or dies is up to you, though you should know this..when Sasha is dead she will do all she can to stay so, and vice versa. Each choice will have a negative action for one team, and a positive for another. She will never leave the underground, from now on....

@ShadowSeeker: When I say "you will do as they say" I mean so as in roleplay only. If you disagree with something then become a rebel, of a sort. If you do this you will be named as a "rebel" and can choose to either ignore instructions from the leader or do nothing at all...you CANNOT change teams though. Rebels will stay in the same team, but choose to do as they wish.

(For more info PM me personally)[/color]

Current Status: Dead(Ghost form)

(Note 1 :Sasha's Status will only change through brilliant role play, if idle or logged off, she she be pm'd the logs of roleplay.)

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While discussing things in the Gazebo of Chaos, Sunfire and Brulant came to an agreement.
Both parties agreed that more information regarding Sasha's current state of being and happiness needs to be gathered
so we are able to make more just decisions.
The end goal of this Truce is to find a way to communicate with Sasha's Ghost.

During the Truce no action will be taken on the spirit, body, or surrounding area by either Team.

For now, this Truce applies only to Me and Sunfire until the rest of each team comes to a consensus.

Please refrain from doing anything to Sasha's body until a discussion can be had by each Team regarding the truce.

Thank You!

- Bru

Blade Kuroda


Truce OVER

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