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Creature Sorting and Recharge All feature.


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I bought both feature and it's working fine. Just that when i do a shop reset, they appear again in the shop which is kind of weird since i dont think we need it again because both of that features only does 1 thing each without level of effect.(unless there is which i dont know because i havent buy them for 2nd time). the reason i'm making this post is because of the features is there and it blocks me from buying the additional logs features. it will be a waste if i have to buy those 2 feature that actually doesnt do anything when bought for 2nd time just to clear the path to get to logs feature. perhaps they should not appear again after we bought it the first time?

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When items are added to the shop somtimes they are not marked as "one time" and thus will appear when it resets, In regards to if its been fixed, Only Mur or Ren can comment on it, as such there hasnt really been a reply.

Or if someone notices that it hasnt appeared when they reset their shop, that would answer that it has been fixed.

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