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Sludge and floods discussions

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I followed that clue for some time, specifically looking into the possibility of the taint being related. Having discussed with Mya, she has specifically assured me that the taint is not and cannot be an element of the sludge story (nor can liquid dust or black water).

If there is some other way that the kris shard fits into the story, I would certainly be interested to see how it relates.

I don't see why a red herring is unreasonable in this story or in any other story. We have certainly examined it from a number of angles and discussed its ramifications with a number of people. I think the possibility that it came up from the lake bottom along with these other elements is perfectly sensible, but not necessarily a part of a causal relationship. I think that the opportunity for a red herring enhances the story rather than detracts from it.

That said, I recognize that you have a lot more experience with roleplaying in this realm and there may be "unsaid" rules (such as a need for all existing elements to be involved in a solution) that I don't necessarily know about, and I will defer to your judgment.

[s]I have been engaged in quite a long roleplay inside the Oak Fort regarding the nature of the sludge, which is very near its conclusion. I will delay this roleplay until you are satisfied that the story complies your standards and anyone else who might voice an objection (Still waiting to hear from you, Sharazhad).[/s]

EDIT: Roleplay has been completed. Mya recommended going ahead with it and there were several people waiting to participate upon Rumi's exit from the Oak Fort.

If it can alleviate the problem of the introduction of the shard without its relating to the sludge story, I certainly see potential in another story beginning based on the fact that the shard has reappeared.

Thank you for voicing your concern.

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I apologize. I have not necessarily been party to all dialog up to this point and have gotten some of the information second (or third or fourth) hand.

As I understand it now, the kris shard did not cause the appearance of the sludge, but impacted the magic of Sharazhad, which caused the flood in the first place. I mentioned that it was a red herring because I did specifically want to draw attention to this element which did not have a place in the story.

I hope this information gives the shard appropriate place in the story and will allow the continuation of roleplay along the storyline that I have elaborated.

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[color="#2e8b57"][i]Hi Rumi
Firstly, thank you for carrying this little RP up to the point where it is now. For that I must applaud you :) well done. Its heart breaking to see how many people did not even bother with it or even acknowledge it. Thank you for your efforts. Yes the Shard was a clue - a huge clue. It was never intended to be a red - herring, because Granos did in fact stab Firsanthalas and broke the Kris in Firsan's arm. That bit is fact and can not be ignored. I wish that you had sent me a pm or message about your discussions about the shard and its "rammifications", or at least posted it on here - so that [/i]this[i] little discussion could have been avoided. ANYWAY... I am keen to hear your ideas about the finale :) PM me. [/i][/color]

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It seems that the plans and ideas were changed. Mainly this seems to have happened because of certain people objecting. Certain people that made no effort to participate I might add. Personally, my message to said people is this: Get stuffed.
People complain that nothing happens in MD. When someone actually takes the time to try to inject something into it, the trolls emerge and complain. You know who you are. My message to you is simple. Either contribute something constructive or do the rest of us a favour and go F yourself or find someone to do it for you (if you can).
Is this offensive? Darn tootin. I am past caring. I've had enough really.
I'm off the wrestle with a pig. At least I can eat it afterwards.

(Rumi: apologies if you felt I was taking a crack at you. I wasn't aware that certain things were changed. Based on the original concept the cause and solution was very different from yours, but given recent events, well done for at least bothering.)

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If I may also add a bit of something that Firs had said...

Nothing will ever be perfect in MD. Nothing will ever have the shining gold and glitter that makes people want to participate in things, or make things 'acceptable' or 'kosher' in the minds of all these veterans who think they know more, who think the things that people come up with are worthless.

If you want things to happen, then by damn, shut your traps and let things die on their own for a change instead of jabbing at it, picking at it, and dissecting it before it even had a chance to be started. THIS is what MD is about-- using your creativity to make it a fun game. Not a drama llama farm with a bunch of people spitting at each other because they want to.

/end rant.

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