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Regarding future story night.

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To those whom this may concern:

I am at my limit. SN has run about... 4 times now? And yet each time it only seems to get harder and harder. I'm making an ultimatum here. Rather, not an ultimatum. But a message.

I would really find it a lot easier if things would show initiative and respect the things I try to do. To be honest, I am trying what I can to make this work and it doesn't make things fun or enjoyable or in the least fulfilling when there are people hijacking the events, people being lazy and not bothering to show up [not had this happen yet, or to my knowledge yet], or doing it strictly for the reward.

My thoughts for Story Night was for people to have a place to gather and share their creativity, have an event that they can all enjoy together and become part of the community, and in the least show some appreciation. I do get some thanks, and it makes me thankful that people enjoy it as much as they do. But when people only sit around, or idle during the event and not say anything, that hurts. I'm doing the best I can, and yet the appreciation seems to dwindle. I am not looking for crowds of people to come up to me and tell me how wonderful SN is, or whatever, but perhaps a little bit of help.

It was a one man project when it first started. Now I have a whole group of people. Granted, they're not asked to do anything, but it still makes a difference when I'm not the only one advertising, or that I am not the only one picking up the slack, or collecting the stories or pulling out my hair trying to do things for people.

I'm not angry, I'm just asking for help.

My considerations for Story night is the following:
It is either that things change... or I'm done. I can't be stressing out over this any more. I have things I need to do and focus on outside of MD and Story Night in general.

I -don't- want Story Night to end, and it would really suck to have to let all those people down, but come on. I am only one person.

Please and thank you.


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I apologize.

It seems like in m frustration I failed to make some sense.

There's a lot of work that goes into it:

I do need help because it seems like all the help I enlisted is falling through the cracks. Either becoming inactive, unable to do things due to how things work, or overall just letting things pass by and letting me do things. Perhaps I am jaded, and I apologize.

One of the reasons why I never asked them to do more was because I always thought that they would show enough initiative to help with things that need to be done. I dislike having to be the big boss that tells people to do things.

But yes. Advertising as to saying when SN will happen will help a lot.

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Wait...I think I don't understand: you're angry because you were not thanked for? Or because nobody appreciated what you did at the level you wanted to?
Cause what I see here is just something like: "Look! I did something that deserves gratitude and I need to be thanked for and you all should be grateful for what I did but you did fall into your knees and did not worship me*!!! I am pissed and angry and I will get my toys and leave!"

I will not comment further until I understand why you're angry.

*I exaggerated just to accentuate the idea.

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This used to be a seal of six, legend speaker event. However, TGW is no longer active. He originally started this. Fyrd and I are the only remaining people of LS.

I do not need people to thank me. What i want is for people to show that they care enough and enjoy story night enough for it to continue.

Before it seemed i had to mother people to get things done. Now the issue is having to work on advertise. Before i had to do all the hard work myself. I am upset because i want this to be a community event of which people enjoy.

I apologize for not being clear.

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1295732916' post='77875']
This used to be a seal of six, legend speaker event. However, TGW is no longer active. He originally started this. Fyrd and I are the only remaining people of LS.

I do not need people to thank me. What i want is for people to show that they care enough and enjoy story night enough for it to continue.

Before it seemed i had to mother people to get things done. Now the issue is having to work on advertise. Before i had to do all the hard work myself. I am upset because i want this to be a community event of which people enjoy.

I apologize for not being clear.

like all things, If the community cares then they will come and do things, you might need to give people a little poke every now and then, But it will survive.

If you are shouting at people to do things, then people will be less inclined to do it and help, And if indeed you are forcing it to stay alive, surely that shows that the community doesnt really care?

The key problem i see currently is that i have never seen any adverts for it, Previously i attended most of them because it was regular, they announced it frequently and was close to the main thoroughfare.

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usually what company's or people do when there just isn't enough equipment or something else interfering is make something every second month or week y ect. I am unsure of what is needed missing and ect. so I'm not going to say to do this. Though I am suggesting if required as a necessary step it may be something to consider. Story night I think used to be ever second week now its once a month.
Sometimes changes are required in order to keep something alive.

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If I can give some ideas to make it easier:

1-why not make it in a fixed time every month? like evey last saturday of the month, or something like that. that way it would become a more periodic event, not so sporadic.
2-have people to advertise for it every day during the week preceding it. I would, I have writen a story to tell and I wish to have many people to hear it. maybe having anyone who want to participate promoting it on crowded places, like "story night in two days!!! come listen to my story!!!". that is easy, and would help promoting it.
3-have two or three host on every session, to make shure that even if one or two miss it there is still a way to keep it rolling. hosts are not hard to find, I would if I was asked to, you know.
4-have more people to help. I know, it is easy to say, but there are as much interested players as there are writers. and, as far as I know, there are at least three players that would happily be part of the staff if they had the chance.
5-(this one is for Curiose, and is more of an advice then an idea) Curi, don`t take everything in your back. you say you don`t like to boss people around but YOU ARE THE BOSS. people need to have orders to follow, as rash as this may seem [b]people don`t take initiative [/b]if you don`t give them a push. speaking for myself, I`m so damn lazy it frightens me, but if I say I`ll do something, I`ll have it done. don`t worry about asking people to help, many would but just don`t really think about it until you ask.

well, that is all I have to say. not saying I could do it better, but I am shure I could help it beeing better. sorry if I sound a little rude, but that is what is in my mind, if you disgree then we may discus it

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I would like to thank you all for your feedback.

I dislike having to have gone about this way, but it seems to be the only way people listen... I have put up a forum post about this before, but I got little response. Granted, at the time I was only for one, maybe two people.

As of late I have been doing some thoughts as to how to revamp this again.
Phear, I do not find what you said to be rude. I don't disagree either. Originally, when SN was starting up again under the wing of TGW, we had decided that a random date and announcement would be a good way to go about things. However, looking now... that seems to be poor choice. The reason why we chose that is because we could not choose a date/time/day of which would be best for the community.

My other thoughts were the following:
I really think this to be a friendly new player event that anyone can take part in and help with. I don't want it to be uber huge, namely because as I see it, we'd all be just a bunch of clowns stuck in a tiny car, so to speak. [Pardon my reference, it wasn't meant to be rude]. I will revive the thread [if it isn't locked] about 'hiring' people, or make a new one, whichever... And hopefully get more applicants.

Another thought I had was to hand down the torch to a newer player. It will be easy for them because they pretty much have everything laid out-- the skeleton, they just need to organize it, polish it, refine it, whatever with it. TGW revived this when he was a new player, I took over while I was a new player. I kind of find it fitting in a sense. To say that that person will follow the line of the torch, is a different story. And to say if that person won't burn it to the ground, well.. is another story.

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quick notes from a newbie...
I did not know of Story Night myself except for an accidental overhearing of an advertisement. Sadly, I could not attend to scheduled time as it conflicted with Real Life... Happily, I logged on to vote and discovered there was a StoryEvent happening that very second, and got to participate anyway.

A scheduled time, that doesn't seem as shifted-around as this one may help (since I tend to not read every forum post myself, and stay in-game during my limited online time). knowing "Friday/Saturday at 5:00server, or 20:00 server every other week/month/" would be great, so I'd know to try being online if I can. Having two timeframes would be GREAT, since I could not have made the original scheduled one past which was initially at 20:00.

note2: Don't give up hope. From what I read, there were other big events like Revanoids memorial that may have sucked up other player's online time (for those with limited scheudles) even if the timing doedn't directly conflict with StoryNight.
All things ebb and flow. Perhaps the next story night will be beyond your wildest expectations, as our creative Vitality regenerates. Jsut needed to wait for the next counter to reset or something. :)

Be well, and best wishes for this wonderful activity continuing in some form or fashion.

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A recommendation for the time and date of the events.
Random times means accommodation to the public. But you can never accommodate to every person or much less a group.

One (or 2) static date, static location and that is. If people want to come to SN then they will come, its wrong to scream at them and flood them with different info every time.
This will help people to get used to SN and remember this event.
If the organisation and the quality of SN is good it will attract public by itself.

Thats just my opinion, I wish you the best in your efforts, have patience and take ti easy Curi.

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