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There are several specific custom BBCode scripts that are used on the forum, Here is the list of them and how to use them

It shows the code you need to use them, and why you should use it.

[b]Council Email Address (New!)[/b]
You should use this when you want to post the councils email address, this is to stop spammers.

[size=4][b]Bugs Email Address[/b][/size]
You should use this whener you want to post bugs' email address, this is to stop spammers.

[b]Player Page[/b]
[code][player]Player Name[/player][/code]
This allows you to link to a playerpage easily.

[b]Log Box[/b]
[code][log=Log Box Name]Big log[/log][/code]
[log=Battle Log]A very big log[/log]
When putting large logs into a page, PLEASE use these boxes

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