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January Sale

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Found an edited bid my Manda, which was lucky.

If I don't see the bid it doesn't count, I don't mind people re-posting, or messaging me to update bids, but I need to know

Has nobody noticed the nice ID'd Pimp? 481000?
And there's a number of low ID creatures going really cheap there

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[s]No min bid mentioned, so:

ID: 510205
Age: 219
Tokens: purpurfog, blooddrop1, emeraldglare

Pimped Grassan
ID: 575199
Age: 267
Tokens: claw3, stardust

1sc each, if acceptable[/s]

Inadequate bids withdrawn :-)

Edited by xrieg
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@Xrieg, Minimum price I'd like to accept would be 1sc per token (+compensation for age), it's negotiable, but i may as well just hold onto them for 1sc, I have the space, will just sell them later

@Princ/Junior, I changed my mind, decided Jun's marksmen+gc bid was higher than your previous bid Princ

Edited by Grido
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Sale ended, find me in game (Currently hanging out at [s]Tranquil Plains, left of GoE. If not there, try[/s] Paper Cabin) to make the trade

Thank you all for bidding! :)

Edited by Grido
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