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Recruitment Selection Stage 4 Final

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My immediate thought was a cirle, and immediate impressions are what count when you glance at a symbol i think,

say if you asked that question to me with a play set and had 5 shapes in front of me, and i was asked to choose one
star circle square triangle rectangle
i would have picked the circle straight away

in not even sure why because if i stop to think about it for a moment, say you gave me a small block of cheese and asked me to "sharpen" the rectangular square shape with a knife, i would probably carve a star if i had no time limit, and the prize for the best answer/entry won 10,000 pounds (cheese is too smelly to do for less :P)

and if you gave me a tutorial on a computer program and asked me that question, and we had done a course of manipulating shapes in graphic design and stuff, CAD and that, i would do a 3D shape like you get at the bottom of a sea scan or somthing,or even go do something like this effect of a symbol

(not the sticks just the "sharp" end of the weapons)

if you "sharpen" something is real life, a pencil a kicthen knife, or a citrusy taste which is really really tangy, Ooo thats sharp!*shudders*
sharpen? in my mind, not having to look at a dictionary, i would imediately think about the square as a table. my mother used to say to me "careful! the corners are sharp! stop running around" or something like that :P
if i was asked to "sharpen" a circle though, from the blocks again, i would choose a star. i know the choices here are limited, but the idea is the same.

just being ironic but let me try something

if you had a "star" shaped symbol, boring-ified, if you asked me that, i would think a simple dot imediately but then would probably turn it into a square, because really that quite "neat" and boring. i think its because i think of manmade things with a square. a table, a brick, a house

but then your first symbols to a flag, if i saw a red square like that, depending on what colour background, i would think of something like um..
china: red on white symbol, or vodka "red square", red blood danger maybe,all those

i wonder about people who arnt english, what they think about the word sharpen

ok so i can decide if i want the choose a red circle as the answer, or a red star...where do i go from here...

if you asked me to counter it, i would choose circle... but sharpen is different. the original object in real life doesnt change shape, the knife is still a knife!
because of the way the shape is here, i would do soemthing different. i would "push" in on two opposite corners of the 2d flat square and turning it into a romboid, creating two edges with sharper angle then 90 degrees. it would be sharp and pointified :P


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I am closing the recruitment stages, thank you all for participating. I will post after chirstmas probably (or sooner if i am able to) a post with details and comments about your submitted images.

I am glad i was able to pick a few of you for the ally but before i name those i wish to comment on most of your submissions so you know how i based my judgement.

btw, in the 4th stage nobody found the jackpot answer however there are several that fit the "sharpen" word.

You will not get a pm from me, you will have to watch out for replies or new topics to see what i picked.

Alsom you might not see it as such but it was a hard series of symbol tasks. Some i will name are already dedicated to a role and i will not accept them to my ally, however, i will think of a symbolic reward to give them , something that won't alter their current role.

Thank you

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