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Recruitment Selection Stage 3

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[attachment=2400:Scanned Image 2.jpeg]


An aside:

Being able to see other people's answers might influence the drawings of others. I know it shouldn't, but often times it will. Also, if someone finds the "jackpot" symbol, a lot of other people's intuition is going to be perked by that symbol, whether or not they realize it. Having this be a blind drawing WOULD be better, but doing it this way is almost more interesting.


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The following challenge consists of fragments of a bigger thing. So try to do exactly what i say it needs be done.

The lower part of the following symbol requires one single dot placed in a certain spot . The placing of that dot is of extreme finesse , please be sure you are placing it in the exact spot you intend to and not just in "the area" where it might be needed.
It needs to be placed somewhere below the symbol.

For your information, that dot if placed right acts as a half counter, it will actually counter the symbol (just the lower part) but will keep its power available"

that last part is soo crypitc! why would you say it and what are you leading us to achieve!!? hmm...
i just cant get over the fact that you have told us to ignore something when really you didnt have to draw it, just leave it out.
if you "counter the object" along the top of the symbol, in a mirror you gets its reflection, maybe you are indicating that if you did that with this symbol, it would overlap onto your "ignore" section of the line. (duh just reread your post a couple of times and totally missed the instruction "it needs to be placed somewhere below the symbol"
so its one line which splits into 2 at some way along it and underneath is a half circle. if the dot was placed and the image reflected from the bottom, including the dot you would get something like an eye.
"counter but keep its power available" what on earth is this symbols "power" anyway...

for me the power of this symbol as it is this way up signifies protection, the way the top semicircle "protects" the inner one.it also represents division. the strength in the picture though is the change from the straight line into two, there is a great contrast above and below it, and for me, that is its strength
i wonder if "folding the image" to make it look like an eye will make it loose that strength. this vertical line has two directions here, two "journeys",

like Rasiel said fortune telling was like putting a boulder in a stream and the water flows around it, parting,able to take two routes now knowing the knowledge but the overall direction is the same, the sea.
for me that would counter this symbol but im not sure its "power" will still be available

if its power is division, then it would still have that but the counter would be that it comes back together at the end

my dot will be in the middle of the small semi circle, in the center of the horizontal line where you would be able to reflect it to form an "eye"
this would also keep the idea of protection and the semicirle and dot both are "protected" by the outer casing of the other two. the "inner" dot would be proected, but also imprisioned, if it didnt wanna be there

edited to include image

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here's my submission. the dot's supposed to be cross the lowest/middle point of the smaller half-circle if it would be a circle, acting either as a base for a complete circle or not allowing the smaller half-circle to become a complete circle.


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