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Recruitment Selection Stage 1

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This is what I came up with my researches... And please, no rewards needed... I am content with my current homeland/alliance x) [attachment=2329:+++ glupost 1.jpg] [color="#8B0000"][b]Mur: You m

I had a different idea, but it does not quite fit into Mur's definition of a counter-symbol. Here's a shape which, when added to Mur's symbol, completely messes up its meaning. It makes the symbol o

What first came to mind. (spheres and cubes ) [URL=http://img577.imageshack.us/i/symboli.png/][IMG]http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/6263/symboli.png[/IMG][/URL] Can I keep posting/editing if I c

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This is what I came up with my researches...
And please, no rewards needed... I am content with my current homeland/alliance x)

[attachment=2329:+++ glupost 1.jpg]

[color="#8B0000"][b]Mur: You might have posted this thinking you cant win anything, or that you have nothing to lose...but my reply is this:
You are permanently baned from any of the activities i will post from now on related to Tribunal Land. Please do not post anything else in the recruitment topic or future similar topics to follow, and also don't participate to any Tribunal related contests i will post. (In the others you are welcome to). Ignoring this will be considered an offence and will force me to take other measures, so understand by word not by sword.[/b][/color]

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Circle is countered by a cross. V-shape is countered by an inverted-V-shape.
I understand Mur's symbol as femininity and life, so the counter-symbol is masculinity and death.


Also because the original symbol is continuous, the counter-symbol is broken (consists of 2 separate parts)

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(the intersection of the red circle and the red lines is the center of the black circle...)
(Just decided to 'cut' all lines)


I just read "It is mandatory that you make your edits on MY image"
... I should read, before doing stuff, lol ... Fail

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I inversed most possible things... But I did it in simplistic ways.
Straight to circle, circle to straight. big to small, small to big, or up vs. down and down vs. up.
I would've done left vs. right, but that wouldn't have made any difference. Heck, I did left vs. right as well.
Inversed the colors.
Now that I look at it, the first picture looks like a sunrise seen from space with earth being the small circle.
And the inverse looks like sunset on earth, on earth. But that's just me.


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Well, after trying to write my explanations three or four times Im not really sure how to explain my versions....except that I see many different possibilities, my main being that the circle is the beginning of all our lifes ( starting point ) and that the lines represent the different paths that we can choose, their reason for being straight is to show that our lifes are plain and straight forward, unlike everything around us.

I opposed this idea by showing that we all start withing the same place, but there is always something different inside of us ( this being represented by the square ). Next I used curved lines to show that even for those that start of in the same place life can have unsuspected turns and that some paths are unavoidable and cross at different points.

Well....thats one of my many ideas and is probably worng, I've been known to read into things too deeply before, wether it be the question or, in this case, the image. :))

(First Idea)[/u]

[u](Second Idea- [i]Main[/i])[/u]

It was fun to think about this, even if I am probably wrong :P Thankyou Mur! :))

[size="1"]Sorry about any grammar or spelling mistakes! I will resolve these after I have slept a little :)) too tired to think at the moment. :)[/size]

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I had a different idea, but it does not quite fit into Mur's definition of a counter-symbol.
Here's a shape which, when added to Mur's symbol, completely messes up its meaning.
It makes the symbol of whatever it was into a symbol of reflection, thus destroying the meaning of the original symbol )


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I have the following problem...
The recruitment will have probably 4 stages, but if i tell now who "scored" in a stage, you will all figure out what things i look for and your symbols will follow what you think i like best and not what YOU think.

There is also an other issue, as Akasha pointed me out, ... these things are of very subjective and personal nature, the way you see a countering of a symbol is influenced by who and how you are. There is a correct version of the answer, but there are also many others..and many that are neither correct nor false. Naming them right or wrong would make you look as if you "FAILED" something, and its not fair. I am searching fer a certain type of intuition here, there are no rights and wrongs, there are just what i need and what i don't

So...today this topic was supposed to be closed, and an other one to start. I will not name those elected and i will ask all of you to participate in the following stages also.
In the end i will have to name some of you. If you somehow you feel that your symbol is very right but i somehow ignored its meaning, please see again that i used the word counter-symbol..not closing, not deviating the meaning, not reflecting it to balance, nope..just counter it..in other words ..stick a sword in its symbolic heart and eliminate it, without creating garbage symbolistic or "noise". If you still think you did that and i still didnt regarded your symbol as acceptable, I am open to discuss it and explain how i see things.

That is the best thing i can do in trying to avoid making a personal thing into right/wrong sort of thing.

Btw, just one or two..possibly three people hit the right one, ..so don't consider that if the majority posted something, that will be the good one..just be yourselves..it might matter a lot :)

Stage 2 will be up this weekend, also with a symbol..this time more soubtle

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yes, and the following posts ill contain even more data, becuase the initial info i have now. In order to handle the more complicated things i need to put you on track somehow. For example in the stage 2 i tell you exactly what do to instead of telling you to counter thatn and to expect a dot.. In any way, i will not post reusable clues in the recruiting stages. for example the dot is a counter only for that particular shape with those particular proprotions so you can't use that tip for solving other stages.

Everyone should participate in all stages.
It is so unlikely that there will be a single one of you to fit my intuition pattern that i am already thinking of side awards for participation (in case i wont be able to name any of you).

You should be proud anyway, except one or two answers , most of you posted really interesting things..much above anyone else outside md i know of. They might not be what i was looking for _exactly_ but they show you are not blind to "symbols" ...and believe it or not, most are. Just do this test in your RL ..ask someone to counter this symbol..they will probably react like "counte...whaattt?" , you will have then to explain them as good as you can, but then some will just say "oh, the game stuff you are playing, is this some trick?" .. or will try to do it in a way that will be outrageous even to you.

I am impressed so many of you put their "brain wheels" in motion so fast for something that is so out of the ordinary (how many times have you "countered" a symbol before? :))

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here is my entry

the first symbol. its looks aggressive and red to support an anger. it looks as if it is horns or probing antenna's.
to counter the emotion and colour of this symbol i have used an opposite and cooling blue.
the first symbol uses one line twisted and turned, but still one continuous line.
my counter symbol uses one line in a different way "splitting" it into two equal parts and joining it again causing the blue "hollow" shelter cover and surround the red of the aggressive spikes.
i think to keep a visual "balance"/tension i had the spikes coming through the blue "encasing"

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Okay ,

so considering the first symbol can be drawn with one liniar move like this http://storenow.net/my/?f=2499

and multplying it by 3 here is my main idea

http://storenow.net/my/?f=2500 (main idea) and bingo! it;s closed

here are some other ideas


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