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Lifeline was said to be an awesome fighter in the early days, which lead to his election as King of Marind Bell.

Later, he was seldom seen outside Wind's Sanctuary, and it was RUMORED that he was nursing war wounds (balance issues & potential stat damage).

Recently he locked horns with Higher Powers, apparently over issues of the powers of Kingship vs. the powers of those above them.

There is now discussion of his successor, and he has referred to himself as having failed as a character.

Can someone who knew Lifeline through this entire time chronicle the rise and fall of this mighty figure?

This space reserved for the selected story, to be paid per the usual terms.

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hold on a second. i said in that mb election topic that i will remain king and am king until my kingship is taken or i give it to someone else. so for now i am not retired, dead, or anything. none of that yet and as for the future i simply dont know yet

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