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Woodcutter Tools


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Back when the guild was originally being formed Mur asked us to post our ideas for other tools to assist in harvesting. I posted this list elsewhere but am reposting this here so that it is easier to find when tools are being considered for creation.

Hoedad - a planting tool (Shouldn't woodcutters be concerned with making sure that we replace what we take?)
Lopper - trims branches off of a tree trunk (We currently use axes to gather branches so this may be redundant)
Chipper - takes branches and scrap wood and chips them into a mulch
[b]Bark Spud[/b] - removes bark from tree (resources exist but no tools to collect)
[b]Drip Tap[/b] - for collecting sap (resources exist but no tools to collect)

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Hand Saw - For converting Lumber into Planks

I've had a White Pine Plank in my inventory next to my lumber and only just realized they should be a related material, in the same way that Herbs are gathered then sorted. Although in this case a certain % of the lumber should be lost when turning it into planks (say 1/5 is lost)

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When the cauldron tests began I thought that maybe the guilds would each get a cauldron type item that could create items for their area of specialization. Like a kiln - 20 lumber and heat give you a pine plank, 100 lumber and heat give you an oak plank or something like that.

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This is a bit off topic, but I think it would be interesting to have a clickable on a scene that would take heat and lumber and turn it into various different planks. Like a lumber mill. Lumber mills obviously don't fit in your pocket, but it would be pretty feasible to have it on a scene.... if we had a scene with a lumber mill in it, that is.

I like that idea, though. Taking raw items to specific scenes that have cauldrons in clickables to have them processed.

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