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[quote name='DarkPriestess' timestamp='1291258117' post='74087']
As the title says, I am selling most of my army. Offer will stand till they all/most get sold. Once I am satisfied with a bid, then the creature will be sold.

Accepting only coins, silver or gold.

Age is as of day 335.
The list:
1. Imperial Aramor[/b] - [color="#FF0000"]Current offer: 2 sc[/color] (tankfanks)
Age: 269
Tokens: Onyxfangs
[b]9. Lorerootian Archer[/b] - [color="#FF0000"]Current offer: 3 sc[/color] (tankfanks)
Age: 342
Tokens: Onyxfangs
[b]17. Water being[/b] - [color="#FF0000"]Current offer: 2 sc[/color] (tankfanks)
Age: 355
[b]18. Water being[/b] - [color="#FF0000"]Current offer: 2 sc[/color] (tankfanks)
Age: 342
[b]21. Elemental[/b] - [color="#FF0000"]Current offer: 2 sc[/color] (tankfanks)
Age: 355

Peace, I'm tankfans :)

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