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Regarding Knaty's Quest And Closing The Tribunal Lands

Muratus del Mur

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As part of a total independent quest , Knator Commander was granted by me in my former capacity as a god of md, the permission to close down tribunal. In exchange, he was supposed to clear it of people enough time that i could build my own things. I want to explain this connection between two characters of mine because nobody else can and knaty never uses forum. Sorry its a spoiler. The purpose of both characters connected for a short while. Mur unlocked the path to ... what is still a secret place in tribunal.. but knaty did not finish its mission yet because he is lazy, eats a lot, and sleeps in the GG lab like a pig he is.

Knaty's quest goes on, slow as always (last one took over a year) and his service required in exchange for the closing of the lands is complete. However, the new Mur did not kept the land closed longer, so Knaty;s quest might get affected by this.

Just wanted to clear what might be the reasons for my dominion over TB to be related to Knaty closing of the lands.

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if i decide against it after 4 month, the tribunal will revert to its previous political form, meaning no ruler, with the scars i will leave behind.

I guess its safe to assume that after ordering a custom land just for myself and planning it for years, i wont enjoy it just 4 month. The time limit is a sanity check. I might be needed in an official unbiased capacity to lead md back on track, so i leave myself an escape path. Anyhow, history will not be erased, things NEVER turn back as if nothing happend, and it wont happen anyway. Tribunal is under my personal governing, and the Mur now is NOT the Mur before. if things turn back for whatever reason, they will go that way, nothing will "jump" that way if you get my point.

Afterall, naming locations like dominionofmur and such, is hardly undone.
My actions are permanent, my future is not


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So, in regards to how this story is continued.

Knator closed the Gates of the Tribunal in order to initiate two missions. He needed help thus he formed his new Mercenaries. He gathered the items he needed in order to enter Golemus leaving the Tribunal which is once more open to the public.

Now with him in Golemus. Is it possible that whatever he does there will still affect the Tribunal?

It was told that in order for him to 'succeed' he would need to cast a spell of sorts within the Laboratory whilst one unknown spore resides in the Tribunal.

Further thoughts?

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I can not speak on their behalf but normally should Knatty succeed or not, they would remain his Guardians perhaps until their role changes in the future for each individual.

A Commander never turns his back on his troops no matter what, right?

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The Commander's Guards stays loyal as ever and will only disband on commanders Order.
For those who Don't understand the Legendary Army General the great Knator commander here are few words about him
" U can't destroy what u can't understand
The eternal flame that can't be extinguished
the source to which can't be explained"

Well if u Still call him a Lazzy pig and a big eater,
U will be the one to tell him that
But be ready to


Ps : Yeah yeah i know i know KC= mur but if u consider them as the same char then there is no fun. So i consider him(KC) a Totally different player. I even would like to see KC vs the New demi God hehehe

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We all know that Mur/Knator Commander/Shade Sentinel and whatever else is there may be controlled by the same person but that does not mean that you react to each of them the same.

Now, about this topic since we managed to see one Guardian responding.

Is it not true that Knatty stated he needed certain items for his mission yet one of those items had to be in the Tribunal while he was in Golemus to secure the success of his experiments?

To quote Phantasm in a conversation we had, he said 'one seed to create the gates, one spore to expand the land perhaps.' Which makes me think... Why is it that all seeds recently returned to Akasha from Kets? Surely that is no coincidence, there are no coincidences. Could this be a sequel of a story that was left in the middle?

What could the connection be between Knatty, Akasha, Tribunal, seeds and spores if there really is one?


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(i enjoy this :D)

Knaty won't speak on forum so idk what he would reply
What i will say is for the new ppl that don't know KC ..KC is NOT Mur. the person writing the letters is, but the characters are not the same, never will be and a conflict of interest will never happen.

I am the sort of person that can play chess with himself. Thats not the problem.

PS. the problems is, do "I" win or do "I" lose :)))

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Kets is not one to give up the seeds easily either, there had to have been good reason for it. Kets always prided herself on being the keeper of the living. She was by far the greatest gardeners since Kemp was around. I find it very interesting by far. There are a few other pieces of information that are quite unclear. There was ONE person that I know of that made it through the gates when they were closed and went through a transformation of sorts. I almost wonder if it was the wrong person by accident, or simple chance of who it was. Things seldom are left to chance. Oh how the wheels turn *evil laugh*

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As a member of KC's guard I feel I must say a thing or two.

KC told us what his plans were. Open new parts of Tribunal, a secondary objective.
And to return the soldiers lost in his previous mission, the main objective.
Some details on the "how to" of the main objective were explained to us.
I will not go into that here.

The arrival of the Demon Lord seems to have changed matters and may force KC into changing his plans (if he ever wakes up)
Of course it is possible the information KC told us was not correct. Maybe he was never planning on doing his "experiment" in Tribunal.

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Now as i have recovered from the sedative effects which was injected by Shadowseeker(SS) in GG lab. Iam able to recovery my memories back.
Well First i want to congrats the Demon Demi god for his success in getting Commander sedative and locked in a Nowhere in a cowardly manner. Ho yes I mapped all the events that happened During this Missions and i just found how Evil u r indeed.
First i was wondering why an Age limit requirements for the Guards in this mission why not Vets now i Understood ur plot.

Demon Demi god Plan A: Mission impossible 'Items'
Unlike all other Mission. The items required for this missions was not delivered by Postman but by courier.
And u manged to sabotage that courier too and distribute the items required to various player in the Realm. In this mission those 5 insulators and 1 spore. Out of which 6 Items where landed in LR members pockets. Cleaver plot u very well know that All most all LR citizens Hate Commander and against his mission. And u used ur Goldly power only to create 7 Insulators and 3 spore and we have to get 5 insulators and 1 spore Uhhmm a practically impossible mission considering some items even went in Inactive accounts. But even against all the Odds we managed to get the all the 6 items required for the mission with the help of Peace, Lord Lifeline and a Secret Friend(SF 004), Also Clock master for his Coins.

Demon Demi God Plan B : Diversion 'GG lab thing'
Now u really got worried as We have managed to collect all the items required for the Safe mission. U did managed to divert the attention of commander over the lab. (The details will not be discussed). And as per that we have to collect one more spore out of 2 spore owners ( GG king Yrth and Handy pocket (HP). Well again ur evil plot has used handy pockets innocence as every one knows she will even put her self before the Seeds and will never hand over a seed to an Former Army General. And while The negotiation between GG king and commander over the spore was going on and u used this Time to organism ur self and for a Bigger Crime.

Demon Demi God Plan C : 'Party At GG lab'
Uhhm Now u sent ur Loyal soldier SS Shadowseeker( soldiers of the inner Sun) to sedate commander. He did organize an party at GG lab for commander and food was sedated with 'Whatnot'. And SS knows commanders weakness and that is Foodie.

Now iam sure Commander is somewhere Tied up and sedated to weaken him but i don't know where he is kept jailed.
My request to all KC fans and his Loyal friends to help Us to find Commander.
He is not what he is portrait 'lazy, eater and blah blah'. He is Army General and he cares for his mission and this mission is true he never bluffs for sure. But he is bound by Evil forces. If no one help us them i have left with one final option and that is to Summon an another equally powerfull Demi god Tengri and hope he answers my Question about commander. I did unknowingly summoned him Once during the mission. He seems to be a Good Demigood.

Well Demon Demigod Always make commanders mission to fail, but not this time cos' he has his loyal Guards to Fight for him....

Respect and Honor.

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[b]Since several posts were removed, the following does not make much sense anymore[/b]
I agree hate is to strong a word.
However there was/is some opposition to KC's mission.

[quote]View PostThe Great Pashweetie, on 30 October 2010 - 08:51 PM, said:
dont buy anything from the commander who has destroyed our once beautiful tribunal lands![/quote]

I post this here because it was said in a public forum.
I'm not sure if he was a citizen of Loreroot when this was posted, but he is now I believe.
There were other (unconfirmed)rumors and second hand information.
But nothing that can be proven.(by me or my fellow guards)

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Loreroot does not at all dislike Knator Commander. You speak in ignorance and jab a finger at those who do nothing wrong (Handy Pockets). Many do not know the purpose of the seeds or the insulators, to them they simply have an item in their inventory and don't know what it's for or what it's worth. I have stressed fellow Loreroot alliance members and citizens the importance of returning such items to the knights of Knator Commander after Stonebiter requested it of me. (to my knowledge the items were given, but I haven't checked in awhile.)

Not to repeat Mya: But, before you go on about Loreroot's "dislike" or "hate" of Knator Commander, get your story straight and don't slander a land that doesn't bloody deserve it.

[quote]Azull: Tipu, I agree hate is too strong a word.
However there was/is some opposition to KC's mission.
There was hostility in the midst of confusion in the past, and to my knowledge there was only a few who opposed Knator Commander at that time. He is ever welcome in Loreroot, despite the events of the past, and if he ever were to return.. he would be welcomed with open arms.

Speak to the people if you don't believe me, much has changed since that time.

As to pashweetie, if he chooses to go about saying nonsense, then he will be called out and properly "educated". If this is only a rumor, it will be looked into to see if it is fabrication or truth.

[size="1"](Edit: Removing an in character response.)[/size]

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2 things:
-the forum is not for RP-ing
-Innocence was not mentioned as a player :)) (he's talking about HP's innocence)...that speaks a lot of the way his post was read

LE: I will delete all the posts that include only RP (including Darigan's)

LLE:if pash<insert full name here> thinks that it means he has been feed bits of information. I wonder who did it. I might be terrible wrong but I am under the impression he was loreroot applicant. If I am wrong then I will retract my words. If not...

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[b]Since several posts were removed, the following does not make much sense anymore[/b]

[b]Tipu:[/b] I agree hate is to strong a word.
However there was/is some opposition to KC's mission[/quote].

please note the difference between Tipu's posts and mine.
And you quote me as if i'm adressing Tipu. It was a responce to Mya's post however

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[quote name='Azull' timestamp='1291763670' post='74804']

please note the difference between Tipu's posts and mine.

The difference was noted before hand.
It's fixed now and you have a message in your inbox with an explanation. :)

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1291763499' post='74803']LE: I will delete all the posts that include only RP (including Darigan's)

LLE:if pash<insert full name here> thinks that it means he has been feed bits of information. I wonder who did it. I might be terrible wrong but I am under the impression he was loreroot applicant. If I am wrong then I will retract my words. If not...
1) Thank you for removing Tipu's post.

2) I believe the great pashweetie was in fact a LR applicant, and perhaps even citizen, at one time. His quotation above references "[u]our[/u] Tribunal lands", however, so it appears his loyalties remain very flexible and at the very least open to interpretation.

To all: to the best of my knowledge, Loreroot players (as well as their characters) deplore what the hated tourist Logan Marquis did to Knatty, which Tarq describes as "our national shame" for a reason. I expect people who say "LR hates KC" to understand that they are offering strong provocation to Loreroot.

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im not sure how all this came into play, but could all posts not relating to the specific quest and the thoughts/questions about it be removed. No need for slander or posts that don't relate to the current situations. Thank you

[color="#0000FF"]Thank you too for your lovely backseat moding!

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