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wow wow!!!

I told you in game that I love your avatar... Now I discover it has some brothers and sisters.

That's trukky good work you put down here. As a newbye I've been rapidly attract by artwork in MD. It's so different from the rest of the world... And I feel that your work is fitting very well with the spirit of the game.

To provide suggestion now, I believe you would make a big step further by trying new poses as someone suggested... but if you don't you still stay as a top class avy drawer in my mind. Grats!

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[quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1298197465' post='79102']
Thank you for the comments... I'm trying to draw new poses, but it isn't working out for now. :/

I'm suffering from insomnia and this is the result: [attachment=2581:cursedwarriorsoulsteal.jpg]

Its not that bad he he........


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Two new avatars and a tree avy I drew earlier:

And new ones:


An image for an item maybe...

WP for days design:

Scene-ish drawing... Corner.

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