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every song has its own interpretation in another mind, that's what art is about among other.
will every song/quote that has passionate attitude, discontent or similar be taken down cause of possible interpretations of some people?

Thank you for your suggestion Udgard, I considered it, and I would do just that if it was some sort of an objective law-dispute, but I think that this thing has been taken way to personal level, and I will refuse to replace my signature (by my will anyway) unless I am proven otherwise.

cause some important people have non-forgotten conflicts with me, I am supposed to be totally calm watching that my ever letter doesn't offend someone randomly by any chance? pfff.

if those who have the power to do so remove my status, fine, nothing I can do to stop them, but I won't change it by my own will UNLESS I broke a concrete rule, and if so, I will correct my signature so it is fitting for the rules (if I am given the opportunity to do so in that way).
Again, I don't see what rule we broke with that signature, if you do "convict" us without caring do we understand what we did or not, fine, again, nothing that we can do about it, but if you do care to "reason us" than please, list those concrete rules that we broke, how did we broke them and such.
It's not much of an ultimatum if you want to respond humorously to my post, it's more "you can take my body but not my soul" of a thing.

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ppl relax, you stated your point, it is indeed forbidden ... so give them a chance to change them.

As stated in rules, if there are more then 1 person who sais that something is offensive, then that thing must be removed.

And I think that there are at least 3 ppl stating this is offensive ( I do hope I understood correctly).

Problem solved. Text MUST be removed.

EDIT: only applies to signatures.
PS: final decision should be taken by a mod ( oops, I see that 2 mods are already against this signature)

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Princ , you know very well that the only language accepted on [u]forums[/u] and in game is english. that was the rule you and Raven broke.
Have a signature on f[u]orums[/u] in another language than english is against the rule.

How insulting or offending that text is and if...we go on another theme and away from the basic/simple rule.
Yes, i can remove it or dst or any other admin/mod very easy, but this is not your first time braking the same rule

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I just want to ask to make things clearer:

Rules of Regarding Signatures:

1. Language Must be English (that includes signatures)

Why? People won't feel excluded.

2. No offensive language or material should be posted.
3. Signature must follow this
[list][*]Height: 150px[*]Width: 500px[*]File size: 50kb[/list]That is to not be excessive, and to not take server space.

That are all the rules regarding signatures?

Another question: having multiple pictures is allowed?



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so why is this enforced on me?
My signature signifies my thoughts, beliefs, ideas and such... It isn't a conspiracy so one bunch of people understand it and other not.

Something even worse is posting on another language :D
for example on Birthday topics, how many times (as did I on Serbian) people posted "la multzi ani" or however it is spelled "happy birthday" on Romanian...?
For me that is ok, it is clear and is really trivial for the rule to be enforced... But I apply the same "trivial" case here. Where's the difference?

Let's look at all the signatures, mood panel posts and such, and let's see how many people "broke" that rule you're raising, while I'm the only one under process of being punished (considering it will probably be forgotten to Raven since it is his first "mistake"?)

And why again are Latin/Greek words allowed in signatures/mood panel posts while Serbian isn't?

the rule says forum language is english... so let's be concrete that that rule includes every feature of writing in forums? (signatures, about me page, mood panel, posts, forum profile comments)
if so, we would be the ONLY case where the rule was applied.

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Wow, Get home and already at page 2. Good Job...

If the rules are obviously not clear enough, i shall add to them. If you want more and more restrictions and cannot understand the rules then fine, i shall specify many more rules to try and make up for the lack of comprehension.

[b]Forum Signatures must be in English, As this is the forum language[/b]

There is no discussion. There will be a weeks Grace period where we will start contacting you to get it changed, once this is over we will start removing them ourselves.

If you wish to talk to me about this, Pm/yim/email but i will not change my mind.

[size="5"][b]Sidenote: About Material people find offensive[/b][/size]

Normally because we try and keep the forum a happy place, if someone finds something offensive and rude we try and find a happy medium by contacting the person who posted whatever to see if they dont mind changing the wording.

If there are several comments about it, it will likely be removed immediately or changed and the member contacted.

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