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What features you want next?  

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i voted for sacrafice alter, id like to see an area to duel maybe without honor loss or something. As you know most higher lvl players become bored of this game because they cant attack anyone without losing honor and no one wants to attack them because their xp is so high. Maybe remove the xp total or add an area to duel without honor being effected to encourage more people not standing in safe zones all day long.

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vote for sacrifice altar so u have a reason to create a lot of high lvl creature

btw what happen when u sell your creature u loss the exp? or not

Yes, it's only obvious you will lose the experience that creature has gained through combat.

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Magic and principles part was not added to the option list because its not an option right now. game doesnt have the stability needed to move on to the magic part yet.

Meh.. we know..we know.. we were just drooling while trying to imagine how magic will be :lol:

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hey manu if you put us choose from so many features it seams that, if not all half, r almost rady


and if i m this mean that the game is going to have a lot of new thing added, what i want to know is WHEN DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE ALL RADY?

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Voted for:

Necrovion (although Golem could also be quite interesting...)

Attacker - A big fan of attacking units :P

New Creature - I'm really enjoying the whole training each creature to see the evolutions and really like the artwork on all the creatures I have come across up to now! If I could select multiple statements then more npc characters would be nice and if I was further in the game I probably have gone for the story additions! But I had one vote, so new creature it is :P

About managing rituals - couldn't it just be set so the whole 'Sanctuary - this is a sanctuary, etc, etc..' activates when you actually select a ritual to attack with so 'create new ritual' and 'unbind' will still be available to use in sanctuary? Just thought it could be a short term solution until manu gets round to seeing to the interface...

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that was the definately best poll i have ever seen it was so easy to choose -not-

i voted for a caster

necrovion love those shades

and new npc's to fight as i love trying to beat them while getting my butt kicked

and also wantto add again for the 4th time


1 elemental 2 with alot of vitality added and about 11 power added and such love my new creatures and it was a hard contest to get into there but worth it i think

only wish i wasnt close to max xp now lol

got almost 200k xp on my elemental 2 though so only need age for him

if i sack him i get like a total of +35 to elemental and +25 to light lol principals omg wow i just might sack him lol

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