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I want MDScript help


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i would like to create a diary to run along side a quest,the quest will be run through clickables only. I want the diary to be activated with the word "Personal study pages" which will display information depending on which clickables have been clicked so far.

way i was thinking of doing it

Asterdai clicks on alche's alley clickable, script gives character "asterdai-quest1" key

then is prompted in the clickable information that he can now refer to his Personal study pages for further information.

the script when Personal study pages code word is given, will display information regarding which key/keys have been given.

for example if player has key "asterdai-quest1" display - You have worn an amulet and hallucinated
if player has key "asterdai-quest2" display - You felt sick and fell unconcious
if player has key "asterdai-quest1" and "asterdai-quest2" display - you wore an amulet and hallucinated you felt sick and fell unconcious. you have done enough to pass this test, next place is gazebo with code amulet

im having a look but i dont know if its possible


(i know i will need a person to help me, they could have the studypage script and i could have the script to give key...)

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Well, a whole string of If statements....

if(mds_has_rpcq_keys('whatever1'){echo "blah blah blah"."<br>";};
if(mds_has_rpcq_keys('whatever2'){echo "blah blah blah"."<br>";};

This is not unlike when you go to the Lost Path Fountain mirror, it gives you an inventory of all the stuff you have (keys) from my quest, as well as the ve and vp stuff.

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