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As of late, I have been pondering something that I believe will be of importance to the community. I may be wrong in its 'importance,' but, I feel that to educate the public, and to honor those who have left us, to organize something for them in their favor would be a great gesture of appreciation. [What a run on...]

Another reason as to why I want to organize this is not because it's an idea that simply came to me, but rather, because there have been people who have suggested something of this sort. I am doing this for the people, rather than for anything else.

I have not thought it through fully [b]as of yet[/b], but that is because I have been busy organizing other such things. What I wanted was the thoughts of the general public before truly getting this started, and to see what we all could do together as a community.

My intentions for this is strictly to honor the Legends of MagicDuel.
There will be no prizes.
There will [hopefully] be no fighting, due to respect.

What I am wanting, is for perhaps myself, or others in my Alliance to step forth with tales of the Legends. There will be one for each night, and people can discuss after the commemoration the deeds, and disperse then after. If there are Legends who are still around, who would like to display their own tales, it would be appreciated if they contact myself [or anyone else in Legend Speakers once/if this happens] so that we know you are available and that we can prepare.

This is in hopes to be done on a Sanctuary day, so as to also entertain the people while also serving a purpose. It will be held once a month, at different times and Sanctuary days so as to accomodate busy schedules.

Your thoughts and oppinions will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I like the idea, I recall Metal Bunny did a similar thing with his Festival of War and Remembrance. It is nice to remember the past, those who lived and 'died' for the MD we live in today plus we need to have more events happening to bring the community together.

Are Sanctuary days twice a month? If so, I believe you can speak of more than Legend within a day, depending of course on how much information you have gathered for each.

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I would love to offer some services to you, Curi. I'm not sure who you have that knows what, but I certainly have a handful of people I feel deserve to be remembered in some fashion and perhaps a thing or two I can tell you about them as well.

fyi though, I don't check forums much. You're better off catching me at the Road.

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That would be wonderful, Renavoid.

I forgot to say that the Legends who are still around will be able to tell them theirself, so as to give more authenticity to it, I suppose.

As for having it twice a month, I think we could do that. I was just fearing the people getting run down about it being done for very often, and it losing its purpose.

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The stories will be embelished, the truth will be distorted and an accurate legend will quickly move into myth and falsity. Just as every one of these events we end up worshipping people whome most have no clue about, and where even the ones telling the story have ended up forgetting what said player actually did and was.

<Note: this is my default response to such ideas, this is not specifically aimed at you curi, but as with most of these they all end up some way along the line to totaly rubbish>

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Well errors in history is a simple problem that cant be overcome. I would enjoy to hear the history of big C kalazadad and some of the less known ones such as kittness and a few others despite the distortion. Though I hope it differs somewhat from the book of ancients or else it would be sort of futile.

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The Night won't be just about Legends per say, but about people who have done something for MD. That reasoning is mainly because of the fine line between who is a legend and who is not, and the debate about such a thing.

If there was a broader spectrum, more people will be recognized, and as such, more time to share with the community. : 3

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[quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1287724440' post='70740']
It may be a good idea to consult the community because some people are nearly completely accepted as legends. Take the kanator commander for instance. Umm well if murs alts count.
...what do you think this topic is for? You're part of the community, being consulted.

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As I was told, the people will not always accept who is chosen for the night. Some may complain, and others be bitter.

There's a lot of chance with doing this, but this is why I am asking the community first.

Do you, or do you not, think this is worthwhile?

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