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Md Creatures In The Shop

The Great Pashweetie

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Have you ever attacked another player only to your dismay that they have several shop creatures? Although they had to pay for these creatures, they easily destroy you and are hard to defeat any other way. We should make it a little less easy for everyone to own one of these fancy shop creatures

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Actually, as you progress you will probably find that:

1. The influence of shop creatures becomes smaller as you progress
2. The most overpowered creature (currently) does not have an MDShop variant
3. There is only two shop creatures that currently give a slight advantage at the later stages of MP5, one of which is quite deep in shop the other is currently not in the shop.

Although these are my findings, I do wonder which MP you are and which creatures you have trouble beating, it could very well be the result of incomplete ritual knowledge rather than the actual creatures being the problem.

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