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So, I was having this crazy


conversation with Kyphis, and he came up with this idea to ask people

[b]What state they live in.[/b]

So, I go okay, and well. I'm a social butterfly [[i]When I want to be[/i]] And well. I like to meet new people and hang out and share stories and just do crazy stuff.

And as thus:

What state are you from? : D

I actually, for starters:
Live in Idaho.

*It wasn't really whacked out, I'm just in a crazy mood [as you can tell with the crazy fonts and such.]

**reason for editing: I forgot to put my own state.

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I got to live in Iraq for a few months, but I do live in AK... Midnight sun, and all that jazz...? Jazz... nope, it's not playing in my head, something's sleeping, in the darkness... no one knows what... broken minds sleep?

(it was a song called 'Éminence Grise')

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Sometimes I live in the state of confusion.

Normally, I live in one of the first thirteen colonies.

I love Geography and I think you might want to look up Gauteng. I might be wrong,
~~sometimes with this state of confusion,~~ but I think that is in South Africa.

see, that state of confusion got in the way. Now I see my confusion. yes it is in
South Africa and a state, sorta, but you were talking only United States at the time.

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[quote name='Magnus X' timestamp='1284697258' post='68556']
i know where that is Darigan, its somewhere! :D

my state is New South Wales. its a state too, down under *points down at the huge island*
also im in a state of elation! :D
Hehe... I am a Sydney sider as well :D

But you shan't catch me >: D

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u u And I just got a beating from Tarqui...

And yes, I saw the pictures on Toten's gallery...

makes me sad that I won't be able to attend to any future ones. :c

AND MYA. Who knew you could be such a smarty? > > I'd include something else, but I'll leave it at that...

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"] ;) Since when does Tarq live where I do? We're trolls where I live because we live under the bridge. At least that's what the yoopers call us :mad:[/font][/color]

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