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I Dream Of Ducks

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O.o ...

I dream of ducks, thats what i dream
of endless shapes, and abstract steam
I dream of ducks, its my obsession
of color rhymes and bit progression
I dream of ducks, and happy clouds
the song of trance and hypno sounds
In case you wonder, nothing's wrong
I dream of ducks, ...is just a song :D


I case you question why i write
A poem of such pointless type
I could explain, to try i could
Why neurons have left the hood
But better still, just enjoy
The day insanity became my toy


ha..ha..Joke! laugh!...now :|
why so serious

pssst..i [b]see[/b] voices!..shht..DON'T LOOK

now stop reading,
comments are useless

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You are either..
1. Extremely happy
2. In a silly mood while being extremely happy.
3. Hyped up on caffine while being extremely happy.
4. Or you are drunk and extremely happy.
5. A combination of all of the above.


Ducks and kittens are adorable, gotta say.

/end of useless comment. XD

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ah yeeey..
i am so ..happy.. as you say?
oh pray,
my feelings are indeed that way

is comic
how we joke about the tragic
a trick
that makes our life more magic

laugh symbolism
pure self defence mechanism
invisible schism
bending thoughts like a prism

this comedy
a self destructing parody
you see?
now where that happiness in me?

now run!
fear the madness behind fun
hide hun
i'm two seconds from my gun

p.s u made me smile :D, yey..time to polish the jigsaw for a new beneficiary ..mmh..mhha..mhahahhaaa *paranoid twitch*

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this is the ALTERNATE romanian version, its not ment to be translated because its all about the language used, twisted sense of humor, soory
i did this as a test..since all romanians here on this form know english already.someone share an opinion if its worth to alter content of poeam, even badly,if it keep similar if not identical info sring.

sunt fericit nu-i asa?
ai vrea
sa fie totul chiar asa

e comic
cum ne batem joc de tragic
un truc
ce schimba viata magic

rasul tare
acest mecanism de autoaparare
invizibila separare
intre ce e nostim si ce doare

ca intr-o sinistra parodie
ei bine
unde-i oare fericirea-n mine

acum besi
muta-ti copitele de pe presi
hai valea
moaca ta imi optureaza calea


unfortunatly the mur is not fully upgraded yet so i am unable to test it in the first poem to compare :D

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That duck got stuck
in the mud of your spluuuuurge
Plick Plock Pluck
out of the muck
so whats it to be.. Chuck?

tick tock, choke block
take it back, forward rock
short crop, flip n drop
break step, checking out
out Out
out. of. check.

Poison lips
grip, grab
Hold it now
hold. that. draaaaag

ears ache, head snakes
ears ache, head snakes

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Have to agree with Awii on that one, it really grabs me, bit of a varied response on my part :D

i am mAd
crazy they say,
quite angry

i write to speak,
my lyrical inSanity

my brain fires sHots,
the man is deAd,
stabbed himself five times
with a knife in the heaD

the duck iS dead,
the quAcks and quicks
were playing on my mind,
like a little football ditch

i dreAm of pretty pictures,
rainBows with the clouds,
the rain hitting down afAr
like a big old car
running down the gRounds

my obSession with perfection
and nothing perfect rhymes

everyThing i say is wrong
noThing ever lie
except me, and them, and you, and i,

in case you wonder why i state
it is beCause i cannot hate
explain i cannot, should not, do
i type so write, i typ so rong

do not commeant
i can not think
read not what you canNot see
i cannot see but you or me

i am happy, fear me
run from my smiling fist

gaze upon my visAge and despair
i am a comic book
wham, poof, kaplook

i trick you into seeing
what you want to see
the truth
my lie
i spy wIth my little eye
someThing beginning with r

trap doors,
trip wires too
i set them up
to watch them blow
my mind, too much infonation
i think a lot
of toffee in the morning

self destruct
bang, kaboom
i am deAd
i see your head in the basket
aLong with a magazine

talk to me
and you shall see
how crazy you might
truly be
bzZzz for the honey
bzzzZ off
do not disturb
i'm not tired any more

a nugget of gold
13 pieces of silver
i canNot be sold
nor bought for a giraffe
leave now,
forEver hold your piece
i am not here any more
i am gone
the next room is so far away
like a ship over the horizon

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