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Ensuring A Player Is Actually There


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You're in the right location, here's a cookie!<br/>

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You are not allowed to view this from here!!<br />

[b]<< MD-PHP Script >>[/b]
(locations 1_0x0_1)
(uv('location') == '1_0x0_1') { //checks the location the player is at and matches it against where they should be
echo @content['0']; //if they're in the correct place, it displays the first content te xt
else {
echo @content['1']; //if they're in a different place, it displays the second content te xt

You can modify this with keys and such to ban people from the quest if they try and use alternate means

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A note: due to the locations restriction "[b](locations 1_0x0_1)[/b]", the player has to be at that scene in order to access the script.
Checking that the player is actually there, is already provided by MDS ;)
However, it does make sense to use it if you have multiple locations allowed (but whether or not it is good to use that feature is a different matter entirely)

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[quote name='Grido(polis)' timestamp='1284497697' post='68420']
no it doesnt ;)

talk to me on yim

Actually the reason I requested this function (a long time ago) was so that you could make a single script which functions differently at different locations based on the players current location. This is much cleaner than having to make multiple scripts at each site and bug check each and every one.

It also allows quests where multiple people are working in unison to satisfy a condition for example "have someone at every fountain in MD at the same time". Without a location function that isn't possible.



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The location restriction that Rendril states, restricts the compiling of code to be anywhere other than the listed locations. People could potentially still access it from other locations though.


The function listed in the initial post restricts players from trying to access the clickable from anywhere else, meaning the player has to be in the location you want them to be in.

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I don't understand the difference.... but yes I don't want unauthorized remote access, thank you.

Yeah, The location setting is broken, and doesnt work as intended, Has been so for a while and I havent had time to fix it since rendril stopped coding.
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