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hi all ...

i would like to sell : [font="Comic Sans MS"][size="4"][s]1.Walking Tree (max level)_ age(202) _wins (287) bid = 7sc[/s]
[size="2"][s]2.Grasan Huvourer (maxed) _ age(190) _wins (197) bid = 4sc and its gone[/s][/size]
[s] 3.Imperial Aramor Assas(maxed) _ age(241) _wins (480) >>>>with stardust<<<<<9sc untill now [/size][/font]
[size="2"][s][size="3"][u][size="4"][b][u][size="5"]4. Grasan Huvourer : Age=405 | wins= 480 |token= claw1 + blooddrop1 + blooddrop3[/size][/u][/b][/size][/u][/size][/s][/size]

0 dayes left for these topic then i will close the bid 2 creatures gone 2 left please make bid fast and thanks alote

please close these topic and thanks alote

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