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What Tree Are You?

Magnus X

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Ash - The Enchanter February 18 – March 17

i dont know much about my "inner landscape" being "in constant motion." lol but heres with the rest

You are in touch with your muse, and you are easily inspired by nature. Art, writing (especially poetry), science, and theology (spiritual matters) are areas that strongly interest you.
Others may think you are reclusive, but in all honesty, you are simply immersed in your own world of fantastic vision and design.

yeah i think thats about right, "immersed in a world of fantasic vision and design" (my excuse for doing what i want when i want :P)

They are curious and are always full of questions about how the world works, and how the people around them work Snakes are natural communicators (if you can shut me up :P)

And although they're pretty flexible, they like things to go their way, and will prove to be uncooperative if pushed in a corner. (i didnt realise i had it in me! sounds scary)

i really feel i should take the time to match up similarites with my friends choices, but its a lot of reading :S
its a lot like me i reckon though!

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[b]Holly - The Ruler
July 8 – August 4[/b]

Among the Celtic tree astrology signs the Holly is one of regal status. Noble, and high-minded, those born during the Holly era easily take on positions of [b]leadership[/b] and power. If you are a Holly sign you take on challenges easily, and you overcome obstacles with rare skill and tact. When you encounter setbacks, you simply redouble your efforts and remain ever [b]vigilant[/b] to obtain your end goals. Very seldom are you defeated. This is why many people look up to you and follow you as their leader. You are competitive and ambitious even in the most casual settings. You can appear to be arrogant but in actuality you're just [b]very confident[/b] in your abilities. Truth be known, you are quite generous, kind and affectionate (once people get to know you). Highly intelligent, you skate through academics where others may struggle. Because many things come to you so easily, you may have a tendency to rest on your laurels. In other words, if not kept active, you may slip into an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle. Holly signs may look to Ash and Elder signs for balance and partnership.

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Yep, BT. They used to make wands and staffs from it as well (maybe they still do. :P ) From what I know, it's a very strong and flexible (or maybe elastic is the proper word) type of wood.

Uh! And fishing rods also. :)

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