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Very Not Fair!

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Few days ago VE reword got canceled for 2 lvl angien without any advance announcement.

[color="#FF0000"][size="5"][b]It is VERY NOT FAIR!!![/b][/size][/color]

I spend 45 credits for extra creature slots just for those angiens. 60 days ago I bough 45 angiens (took me 2 weeks to buy them). In order to sac them after 2 month and get VE reword. [b](much less profitable then sacing 2lvl trees and harder)[/b]
Right before I need to sac them Mur post new announcement that their sacing VE reword has been canceled!!!

I don't want those creature slots anymore because the game changed (take back the slots and give me back the credits that I wasted for nothing)


return angiens their previous reword.

Please next time before you change creature stats/rewords announce it at least 1 month earlier.

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