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Rules And What To Expect

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[color="#FF0000"]As always, ideas and criticism are welcome, but once the talk becomes negative and unneccessary, your posts will no longer recieve any response.[/color]


1) DO NOT INVITE ANYONE INTO THE ALLIANCE! I don’t care who it is that wants in, you do not invite them. Let me know and I will invite that person. Even if it is an alliance member that you know, you are still not allowed to invite them in. This may change later as we grow, but for the next few months, inviting others will be reserved for myself only.

2) Keep a check on the forums daily. New, important changes in the alliance or homeland may occur and there should be no excuse for not knowing of them (this includes all the Bishops).

3) Loreroot is always first, no matter what is going on. Loreroot, its citizens, and everything else inside or a part of Loreroot MUST BE PROTECTED at all cost. This is our home, our friends, and where we will spend a lot of our time. If it gets destroyed, we have no one to blame but ourselves for not protecting it.

4) Training is a must. Find yourself a training partner or two that are online when you are. Don’t simply give each other wins and losses, but work towards understanding what works, what doesn’t and why it is that way.

5) Work on your sermons each week. For now, we will give one sermons a month in which we will all participate on giving. This means, we each write something related to what we do within the Church : Clerics will say something on healing, plants, creatures, etc. Paladins will say something on fighting ( RP or Creatures). Bishops will say something on helping others in all areas of what we do. I will have a ‘part’ in the Bishops sermons.

6) Get to know several of Loreroots citizens, work with them, train with them, and learn from them. They are our family and friends, our allies. There is no need to keep them distanced from us. Get to know the history of Loreroot and its alliances as well. There are important things of our history that should be known.

7) If there is a conflict between yourself and another, keep the dispute between yourselves. Try to work it out calmly and in a civilized manner. Fighting (not using creatures) should be kept to a minimum.

8) Each new member must answer a few short questions as well as go through a test. At this point in time, however, I do not have a test in place. I will be working on it shortly.

9) It is NOT required, but recommended that you become an adept and worshipper of someone within Loreroot – a citizen or an alliance member. If you become a worshipper of someone who is in another alliance, it could cause conflicts between you.

10) Help others. Always keep an eye out for anyone who may need help. Offer your assistance to the LHO members.

This alliance is mostly about Roleplaying, so I expect each of you to develop your roles (in your personal papers) more clearly. It does not have to be very detailed, but you do need a clear character. Take your time doing this, as it is not required immediately.

Roleplay Ideas:

We could do some research on several topics : magic, creatures of LR, healing, Savelfuser, Principles related to the church and explanations of why they are related. We could also run some quests within LR to help boost the community.

The first thing I would like the members to do is find training partners – someone who is online at the same time as yourselves. It could be a small group of people or only two of you. The other person does not have to be a citizen of Loreroot. You may drop your badge (leave the alliance) for a while to make things easier to train, but you are done training, you must let me know so you may be invited back into the alliance. Also, let someone know before you drop badge that you are leaving to train.

Secondly, I would like you to find someone to mentor. Teach them about the game, help them with their roles, find something you can do together (quest, explore, roleplay, etc.) Just be sure not to give out the answers of the Game Quests (Berserkers Puzzle, how to defeat guards, creature combos, etc.)

Third, find where you belong in the Church – do you prefer Cleric or Paladin? – and begin researching for that roles’ sermon. I think, the best method right now is to have each group work on their specific goals – for example, the Cleric would research healing, helping, plants, creatures, magic, etc. Paladins would research fighting techniques, healing, magic, etc. Bishops and the Arch Bishop would have something to say on each of those things as well as how the rest of the MD community may be able to help. You may bring in guest speakers for your part of the sermons if you wish. Be sure, however, that you dont give spoilers (yes, this is something that I will stress quite often. You cannot go and tell newbs how to to win or fight. They must figure things out on their own).

Fourth – Roleplay, help others as you can, grow and help teach others. And most importantly, have fun :P

The last thing I want to say is this : Work on your part of the sermons!! I will need to see what you have in two weeks, as I plan to give our first sermons in three to four weeks. I will provide the introduction to our sermons. Each of you work together within your respective groups to come up with a couple of paragraphs about what your group will be doing within the community.

- Clerics – heal, tend to people and nature, help others
- Paladins – heal, help others, protect, teach fighting techniques
- Bishops, including the Arch Bishop, will end the sermons with a few more words about each group, as well as about initiates and how others might be able to help in the MD community.

I require your parts of the sermons in two weeks so that I may go over it, correct any mistakes, and make sure it is easy to understand.

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Okay. Aside from what's posted above this, I would like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on what we can do from here. I do care about what happened in the past, but not to the point of dragging out old arguments and getting people upset. Rhaegar may have had some good ideas and what not, some that may be expanded upon in the future. Other past leaders also had good ideas for leading the Church. But for now, I would like to restore the Savelites to something very similar to the original church before trying to change something else.


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[quote name='Jazira' timestamp='1284235662' post='68244']
You all want to know who or what we will worship? People. Not just one, but many. All the people we can think of that has helped greatly in the MD Community, those who are no longer around as well those still here: Grido, Jonn, Sage, Calyx, and others that I can list here but won't. As for the name of the Church, it will remain the same in honor of the one who gained a group of followers, people who wanted to help others in the MD community as he had helped them.

You seem to know these people very little, those 4 people would NOT like people to worship them (well grido might but he is egotistical :) ). Savalites shouldnt really be worshipping these guys, they should be doing good for others.

You will merely upset more people by choosing certain people to "worship" and others that you wont.

Forget worshipping people, keep your aim to savel and doing good for the community. Actually do stuff that will effect the community for the better, and not stuff that will just cause schism's

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If you're trying to "restore the Savelites to something very similar to the original church ", then changing from a monotheism to polytheism is not really original church-ish. While new things would be interesting, if it strays too far a totally new group would be more appropriate.

And maybe it's just me, but isn't the structure kinda similar to the CoE? Well they are both religious alliances after all, so it is natural, I suppose.

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I'm all for moving forward from the other topic, and I do have some questions, that I legitimately do not know the answers to. These are just posited for the sake of dialogue because I've always wondered why this alliance was created.

What exactly did Savel do to garner a whole alliance dedicated to him? Were there ideals of his that you seek to uphold and what were those? So far, the rules, etc seem more like general guidelines for alliances, which is good, but sets This Church apart from the COE, as others have mentioned.

Religions/Churches/Temples have holidays and festivals that they celebrate, perhaps there are days could could be dedicated to passing of time (like the recent Rosh Hashanah), knowledge, ideals of charity (as you mentioned the Clerics are involved with). I agree that a move away from worshiping individuals is a smart one.

Good luck, Jazira and others involved. :P

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I am sorry for what I posted before. I was in a hurry and wasn't thinking clearly.

As for worshipping, I agree - we will not worry with this for the moment and we will begin helping in the realm as we can.

We are still doing research on many things, and holidays and such will be given considerable thought =)

As far as rules go, I agree. They are more of guidelines, so for the moment they will work until we get the more finer details worked out. I suppose the only true rules that I will enforce is the helping/healing of others and training/fighting.

I am still going to attempt to go around the realm and ask many people who knew Savel what they knew of him, how he helped others, what they cherished in him and other things. I do know that he helped others learn to fight and healed them, which is something I hope to help others with now.

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I will delay the date of the first Sermons to be held one month after the Savelites have been re-instated. This will allow us more time to speak to one another and gather information on what we need for this and future sermons. It will also allow some time for those people who aren't able to get into the realm as often as others.

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