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[s][s][size="4"][b][size="5"][size="5"][font="Arial Black"]Walking Tree (max level) [/font][/size][/size][/b][/size]
[b]Age : 158[/b][/s][/s]
HIGH BID UNTIL NOW = 9SC for( dragonrider7 )
also :
[s][size="4"][b][font="Arial Black"][size="5"]Imperial Aramor age 9
HIGH BID UNTIL NOW = 2sc for ( Throm McLeod )

For The Winner Please Come TO (Wind's Sanctuary, Capitol of Marind Bell)
and soon i will have the same creaters with max level and high agae$win battle have agreat day for all

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[quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1283868174' post='67955']
Creatures reset in level, experience, and wins when traded. So the Walking Tree is really just Remains.
you forget to say it also will keep only 60% of his age :D

to not lose practice I will bid 2sc for IMP

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