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Greek Translation

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Ever since I started MD I wanted to see it translated in greek but couldn't find anyone to assist me. I am willing to take this seriously but if there are any greek players who wish to help me as well, I wouldn't decline the offer. My main concern though is... who do I have to contact for further details over this?

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Talk about bad timing. I had read the announcement myself but I kept in the back of my mind that since he said he left some people behind responsible for issues, there was one person to ask for details. Guess I will have to wait for his return then.

Thank you Chewett.

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Or just start translating basic stuff, such as restrictions, known issues, help pages, etc.

It's not a horrible thing to have something started if you do get the go-ahead, or whatever it is you need from Mur, and if you don't, then that's too bad, I guess? Don't see why Mur would say no to a translation, though.

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I do have principles and spell pages (although useless now) and some creatures/armors descriptions already translated but there is much more into this like Story mode. Interface texts are only a day of work for me but I can have them ready at any time.

Thank you for the tip advice, Pip.

P.S. All my documents are currently in the hard disk that is gone along with my laptop to the hospital. Hopefully I will get it back soon to go on with this.

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Well i am interested in participating in the translation of the game. We were talking about it with Peace when she was around more (though she will come back i think she still has problems with her pc) so if its ok i will give her a call to ask her what she has translated and i will start right away...

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