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Member Title is given based on the amount of posts you have. As you gain posts you will gain the appropiate titles. Here is the list of title and the amount of posts you need to attain it.

0 - Novice
10 - Apprentice
25 - Mage
50 - Skillfull Tyro
100 - Ocult Arts Practitioner
[s]200 - High Court Member[/s] - Currently no 200-400 rank, Suggest one below
400 - Shade Spellcaster
500 - Edit your title

When you have gained 500 posts you can edit your own title by going into:
Settings -> Profile -> Change Profile Information -> Member Title

If you have a Description/Tag in game and wish this to be the same i will consider giving you a title even if you don't have the required posts if you contact me via pm.

Edited by Chewett
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Blackwood, I think the profile counts the posts from threads that were deleted or are not visible anymore.
For the member title the "public" post count is used (yours is 413).

I'm not sure if this is part of the member title, but what does the row of grey/black circles under the title represent?

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Since several of you are going to continue to point this out i will just post it and not continually reply to it via pm.

Initially the higest rank required 3000 posts, but by this time most people had customized their title so it would never show these ranks. Because of this i have reduced the ranks to something below the post requirement to choose your own rank.

Im assuming that once they post they will be promoted, if not then you can pm me and i will do it manually for you.

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I am asking how it is possible for someone to have a title which is edited and yet doesn't have the required amount of posts that are needed to unlock this option. I won't point fingers, I am merely asking how is it possible for I have noticed some that have titles (not a group that they are assigned to it) with less than 300 posts.

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  • 2 months later...

Since Mur would like the title "High Court Member" to be removed, I believe there is a Good opportunity for renaming these all.

If you wish to either think of renaming them all, Or just suggest the 200-400 Post Ranking

Otherwise i will rename that one horribly bad :)

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  • 3 months later...

My apologies on two counts. First, for reviving a four-month-old topic (I'm not sure the feelings on that around here). Second, for offering suggestions when I'm new and haven't proven I'll stick around. I was curious about titles, however, and came across this thread. Since the question still appears to be open-ended, I'll offer my two cents, for better or worse.

0 - Novice
10 - Apprentice
25 - Skillful Tyro
50 - Mage
100 - Adept Sorcerer
200 - Shade Spellcaster
400 - Wizened Sage
500 - Choose your own title

My reasoning: 'Tyro' still has beginner connotations, while mage doesn't, so it made sense to me for them to be switched. While I don't pretend to know anything at all about the occult, 'Occult arts practitioner' seems a little general, 'adept sorcerer' is probably no better, but it's what I could think of off the top of my head. 'Wizened sage' just sounds good to me. I offer these opinions humbly, and, again, mean no harm in digging up old questions.

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When the system was moved over to the new version, Member titles changed a lot. This lead to some people having their member title being "Frozen" at what they had when it was converted.

If this happens to anyone else, pm me. I have fixed your account.

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  • 6 months later...

The 500 active posts were only just reached, the total count of 566 you have includes posts that were hidden and posts in offtopic section, which don't count for the 500 active posts. (I assume, Chewett would know the details)

Either way, your profile gives you more detailed information than the system considers as active posts.

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