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Alright, i'm getting better at this ..and by this i mean the secret meanings embeded within the multiple possible meanings and why not, i think also form is getting better. So far this one is my favorite.

[center][b][u]Aripi de Foc[/u]

[i]Pasare mare
Cu pene de soare
Pleaca-ti privirea
La a mea chemare

Ia-ma in ghiare
Tine-ma bine
As vrea sa zbor
Sa nu stiu de mine

Ia-ma in vise
Ascunde-ma bine
As vrea sa cutreier
Pamantul cu tine

Ia-ma in zbor
Departe de dor
Pe aripile tale
As vrea sa mor

Du-ma departe
Prin vis si noapte
Umple-mi sufletul
Cu ganduri curate[/i]


Meaning (not poetic) translation.
This is probably the worse possible translation after the google one, but better i write it than to let you use automated translators.
I translated the words alone, but its more like 20% of the actual meaning. I am sorry but its almost impossible to translate things when the multiple meanings of a word matters or when dedicated romanian words like "dor" are used. Think of it this way, people here that don't know english but read an english poem translated word by word will feel the same as you do trying to read this without knowing romanian. Thats why, i expect more the reactions of native speakers than the ones of those that read my horrible translation.

Wings of Fire

Big bird
With wings of sun
lower your look
to my call

Take me in your claws
hold me tight
I wish i'd fly
To forget about myself

Take me in your dreams
Hide me well
I wish i would travel
Around the earth with you

Take me to fly
Away from missing (who the hell can translate that! It means more like take me far from having to miss it)
On your wings
I wish i'd die

Take me far
Through dream and night
Fill my soul
With clean thoughts

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Everytime i wrote something in Ro i am so sorry all of my non romanian friends (MOST) can't read it, and i mean it, i am so sorry you cant see whats there with my eyes. On the other hand everytime i show something in english to someone i really want to give me an opinion and he cant understand it, i feel so bad that i am romanian and i write in a different language. For example my father and some of my best friends dont read english or read it very difficult. But lets put it this way, MUR my _character_ has no language, the message inside it (it is a clue here *blink*) can come forth in many ways , so i will go forward as usual and write, or do, whatever comes best with my instincts, because some things for me are more natural in english than in ro, and some are more natural in ro. To bad i dont master romanian as well as i do now english (no not the opposite way), my romanian might be correctly spoken but my ideas belong mostly to the style of Mur, Shade Sentinel, Knatty, and they speak different :)

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its very relaxing. and it seems it fills my need for "creating" without taking much/any effort. I still aim to draw (for last years lol) , but for now poetry , scares as it is and probably mediocre, does the job to keep the things inside from not breaking me ... so if you can, do it. i would love to read it.

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Alrighty then, let me take a crack at translating this one as well :P
I really took some poetic license with this one, as short verses are very hard to translate (and you already know I'm a freak about rhythm and rhyme :P), but I think I've kept quite close to the original overall.

[u]Wings of Fire[/u]

Hey there, huge birdie
With your hot Sun-born wing
Lower your gaze now
To hear what I sing

Take me with your claws
And hold me there tightly
To fly I would wish
Forget what I could be

Take me to your dreams
And hide me there true
I wish I would cross
This whole Earth with you

Take me up flying
Away from my longing
Flying on your wings
I wish I'd be dying

Fly me away now
Through the dream, through the night
Fill up my dark soul
With thoughts pure as light

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